• Fan Theory: Opal's Color

    Gems often change their outfits when they regenerate, and when they fuse their fusion will also have a different outfit, depending on which gems have regenerated since they were last formed. But is there more that can change when a gem/fusion regenerates?

    another opal headcanon time!
    so, opals skin is blue. it’s an in between of amys purple and pearls yellow skin tones, right?


    but… that can go the other way around the color spectrum, too.


    now, blue is a cold color. just like the relationship between amethyst and pearl was at the start of the series. so here’s an idea: as these two befriend and warm up to each other, opals skin color will also change, and her palette will become warmer.

    the image above is a proposition of how it might look like. i tried maintaining her original palette while still making it warmer and making the skin color fit.
    maybe it’s still too early in the series for this to happen, but in the future, i’d risk to say it’s a likely possibility! after all garnet did change her skin tone.
    i played some more with her colors and made another palette, i’m more happy with it than the previous one so i’m adding it here
    also: alternative idea to the meaning behind skin color change. opal, to quote, “is said to be a stone for love. It brings the inspiration of love into a stagnant heart chakra and brings renewal. This can take the form of fiery sensual love or gentler unconditional love and any shade of love in between.” perhaps the skin color can reflect those 2 types of love. currently it can be blue for gentle and unconditional, but who knows, maybe in the future it will evolve into passionromance, if you will. :’)

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