• Matt Burnett Confirms Steven and Peridot Are "Just Friends"

    Here at BCB, we don't like to judge too harshly about who you ship. Oh sure, Emerald sometimes makes some jabs at the less popular ones, but as can be seen from the nightly Drawing Things Out, ships are supported fairly (though some may have more art than other based on what the fandom itself chooses to create).

    However, yesterday Matt Burnett confirmed something that a lot of fans have argued about. Steven and Peridot, though a less popular ship, has been supported by some fans. The two are definitely great friends, but many argue that because gems are naturally born as adults and Steven is definitely a 14 year old child (as confirmed directly in the show), that the pair of them as a romantic couple is inappropriate. As Matt confirms, despite Peridot's small and childish appearance, the fact remains that she is indeed adult aged.

    Sure, ships like Pewey make many fans cringe, but at least the two are consenting adults. Since all FULL gems are adults, ships involving them and other adults or gems are totally okay, as far as not being pedophiliac. But for Stevidot, Matt Burnett confirms that this ship is between a kid and an adult. No romantic feelings here, folks. Official, and from the Crewniverse. Please don't ship kids and adults together, from SU or any other show.

    Twitter: Emerald