• Fan Theory: Did Homeworld Steal Russia?

    Seems like theories are abounding today on BCB! It's no secret that there are definitely some differences between the current real world map of the world and the map in the Steven Universe universe. But why is that? Is it some kind of hidden plot point? Is it merely the creators taking artistic liberties? For example, Russia is absent from the map on the Moon Base. Alright, so Russia simply doesn't exist in this universe, right? Well, that's what fans thought, until a recent episode revealed something very interesting. Find out more below the break!

    In the episode "It Could Have Been Great", we got to see exactly what the Earth looks like in this reality, and it's vastly different from the planet we live on. A lot of the landmasses are warped out of shape — Australia has shrunk, some landbridges exist which we don't know about, South America is much larger, but Europe seems to be the same. Oh, and there's a giant hole where Russia should be.

    Considering that Homeworld started using the Earth as a breeding ground for new gems, it's possible that the damage to the landmasses could have been caused by the installing of Kindergartens, and other gem facilities. But there seems to be more to the story when it comes to Russia, as this fan spotted something strange in the episode "The Return".

    Ok so at the time that I’m scheduling this post I haven’t really seen anybody talk about the fact that the buttons in the ship appear to be in Russian??

    цифры “tsifry” = numbers or figures

    контр “kontr” = counter

    парам “param” = pairs

    схема “skhema” = scheme, circuit, schematic, etc.

    I don’t have any clue what бл пок “bl pok” means

    I quite like the theory that Homeworld just straight up stole the country of Russia. Which is entirely possible, considering that Homeworld's technology is far more advanced than our own (you could even say it's... out of this world! Ok, I'll stop now). But what would they want with Russia?

    It seems most likely that Russia was simply in the way, and Homeworld removed it in order to erect whatever old facility they had there, possibly the Lunar Sea Spire which we saw in the Season 1 episode "Cheeseburger Backpack". We still don't know what the Sea Spire is for, and maybe it has a greater purpose than we suspected. Great enough to get that pesky Russia out of the way.

    As for the text in the hand spaceship, well, that really is odd. Why would the gems use an alphabet from Earth on one of their ships, let alone one from a country they removed? This seems to be too much of a coincidence to be a simple red herring, so I'm holding out hope that the reason for this apparent connection will be revealed in a later episode. And who knows, maybe Homeworld did just steal Russia!

    Coincidence or red herring — why do you think Homeworld uses Russian in their spaceships?

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