• Fan Theory: Jasper Wasn't Saved on Purpose

    Pearl tried to save Jasper in 'Super Watermelon Island'. But neither Garnet nor Amethyst seemed to react as Jasper was swallowed up by the Earth. With Garnet's future vision, could there be a reason she only saved Lapis this time around, and didn't command either of the other gems to save her? Or was something else going on that the audience wasn't aware of?

    the angle of garnet’s left arm makes it so she can’t be holding amethyst. it looks like she maybe holding pearl or watermelon steven, but let’s take a closer look

    nope! stevenmelon has got it covered.  three points of contact, looks good. garnet’s right hand is nowhere in sight. anyway, we can see she’s not holding pearl’s hand when pearl reaches for jasper.

    so i’m going to go ahead and conclude that she isn’t using her hands to support pearl, amethyst, or watermelon steven.  but we can’t actually SEE her hands, so I contend that her hands were otherwise occupied. here’s an artistic interpretation of how, and with what:

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