• Fan Theory: Rotation of the Earth

    Sometimes SU theories get really serious and scientific. Some fans noticed some odd clues left around that may indicate that the SU universe is much more different from our own than we originally thought. Considering that Homeworld wanted to recreate the Earth for their own purposes, perhaps they had something to do with it thousands of years ago.

    Something’s not right here.
    So. Let us investigate. 

    Our hypothesis is that SU Earth spins North-South. We can test this by looking for the directions that the sun rises and sets in. 

    Here’s a bit of the official Beach City map:
    As we can see, the house faces East, the balcony runs North south.

    So if this is true, the sun will rise and set at either end of it. Let’s see. 

    That’s just one image, could be a fluke. Let’s see some more. Let’s look at how light falls across the temple:
    ….North to South. Guys! 😵

    If this is the case, the climate would be all messed up.

    The icecaps should have relocated to the new rotation points. The tropics would now be a zone running north south. This redditor has also noticed this phenomenon, and noted that there are globes which still are oriented the old way, suggesting that change is quite recent:
    Even if it’s not, the changes to ecosystems and human activity would be quite radical. Climate effects agriculture, architecture, lifestyle - many places would be very different if they were just a bit warmer.

    If the SU Earth had used to rotate East-West, then changed, the upheaval would result in extinctions world wide, as creatures struggled with climates they weren’t adapted to.

    Though actually, I just realized something, I’m going to speculate a bit further on what this sort of Earth could be like.

    I’ve assumed that the north south rotating planet’s new poles are locked, oriented facing Prograde and Retrograde (those are the orbital equivalent of forward and backward).

    This would be the simplest version of this type of world- Perhaps the Earth’s equatorial bulge could make some sort of tidal locking happen. I don't know, we’d need a real astrophysicist to do that analysis.

    But if this wasn’t the case, things could get ready weird.
     There’d likely be no ice caps. Every six months, one of the rotational poles would be facing the sun, and the other in darkness.

    I don’t think what’s been seen on the show is consistent with that though.

    The Russian crater could have something to do with this. Perhaps an impact altered the rotation:
    This, and the view from the Moon w gives us a clue where the new poles would be.
    Though to make a crater that size, it would need to be bigger than the biggest Earth impact in geological history, so I don't know…

    It may not be an impact crater. 

    Its position almost opposite the USA does make me suspicious though…

    A few people have raised that this could just be seasonal axis tilt. Nope. That’s only plus or minus 23.5 degrees of vertical, this is far more extreme.

    Also, some seem to be confusing this effect as caused by Stevens position on the moon. Not really, that wouldn’t change which part of the Earth is in Darkness.

    The Earth is not only rotating North-South, it could also be tipped over. It depends how intentional the lighting on the moon was.

    The angle we see Earth from on the moon, and the lighting around the tower doesn’t add up.

    To see the Earth with North facing up, and south down, relative to the horizon, they’d need to be near lunar north pole.
    (And also a few degrees towards Earth.)

    But the shadows don’t suggest that. You get long shadows at the north pole due to the angle of the sun. 

    Also, the Moon’s terminator (line between light and dark) runs North south. This would make the lighting inconsistent: 
    This means either the moon’s orbit has changed too, or the Earth was rotated 90 degrees, but still has the same rotation axis relative to the sun.
    This makes more sense. How it could get like this is hard to imagine. 

    But like this, it wouldn’t have the crazy extreme seasons, and ice caps could still exist. But the climate displacement would be same as discussed before.

    Or, it could just be they didn’t fully think through the angles and lighting on the moon. After all, the lighting on Earth doesn’t match the times of day seen in the episodes.

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