• Fan Theory: Ruby and Sapphire

    Just a quick little fan observation that was interesting!

    “Is the strong part of you Ruby and the wise part of you Sapphire?” - Steven / “It’s all of both…”- Garnet
    “I didn’t want to look for a solution, I just wanted to be mad! You’re right! You’re always right! I was being stupid!” -Ruby / “I don’t think you’re stupid!”-Sapphire
    “Man, Rubies are dumb.” -Amethyst / “Not all of them.” - Garnet
    “I am their Fury/ I am their patience…”
    and if you needed to see for yourself that they weren’t each one-dimensional, theyshow us this in Hit the Diamond:
    “Come on, I know you can do it. …Just look at the ball.” It’s Ruby encouragingSapphire with calming patience
    “I’m trying, but all I wanna look at is you.” “Don’t worry, you can look at me, when you’re running for home.” It’s Ruby being wise and knowing exactly what to say/do for the plan to work.
    And it’s Sapphire being hella strong as fuck and loosing (gaining?) her chill…furiously whackering that ball into the stratosphere, thus winning the game.


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