• Episode Followup: Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

    Hey, wait a sec, who's that storyboard artist? Looks like SU has a new addition to the storyboarding team! Cool! Hit the image above to go to his tumblr and give him a follow!

    Ew, who drinks orange juice and pizza? Is that a good combination?

    R.I.P. Steven. It was the OJ that did it.

    AH! Cheese Zombie!

    Rocket's for bones? Well yeah, I suppose that WOULD be handy.

    Woah, Kiki, are you okay?

    Forget Kiki, is Steven okay?

    Sleep depraved ideas are always the best!

    Dang, Kiki has moves!

    WAIT, there really ARE Cheese Zombies!

    Pfff this reaction was perfect for Jenny. "Ugh okay fine."

    Nightly night, Steven!

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