• 'Restaurant Wars' Storyboards by Katie Mitroff and Lamar Abrams

    Restaurant Wars was a great Beach City citizens episode! Katie Mitroff and Lamar Abrams created it, and they have some neat storyboards to share below the break!

    i had a lot of fun boarding restaurant wars. i love these kinds of “slice of life” episodes ‘cause it gives us a chance to play around with things that can be kinda mundane and make them fun and entertaining. this was also a board where i felt like i was…getting into a good rhythm drawing wise. i wanted things to look expressive and fun in the boards and it really came across nicely in the final animation. also it was one of the first times i got to draw jenny and kiki together and i wanted to make sure that people could see that they have a loving relationship within a short bit of time. thanks for watching and plz continue to enjoy the rest of the new episodes. everyone’s work on the new episodes is so amazing and inspiring to me <3

    Twitter: Emerald