• Episode Followup: Mr. Greg

    Wait a fantastic episode! And it’s that musical one the Crewniverse has been talking about for awhile. A lot of them said this is their favorite episode. And why not? The voice acting was fantastic, we had some long time coming resolution, Steven was great… just, man, intense stuff! Shake a leg, it's the Mr. Greg followup!

     I would not buy a burger from Marty.

    Wait, Pepe’s Burgers? I guess they only serve them rare.

    Wow, 10 million dollars for a burger commercial? Is that 10 million now or 10 million when the commercial was made? Because that 80’s economy was definitely different.

    Aw, Greg is just the best dad. He just wants to chill with his son and doesn’t care about the finer things in life.
    “You could buy a house and a car!”
    “I guess that I can, but I’ve already got a van.”

    Greg looks so excited! Look at him!

     Woo! A father-son bonding episode!

    Woo, we get to see a new loca- wait no that’s the place from ‘Same Old World’.

     I bet Rose would have had the same idea, but Pearl would have declined. Interesting to think about.

    “Just you, me, Pearl, and don’t forget mom!” Gees Steven.

    Look, Pearl is already having a great time.

    Ah. Oh.

    Look at this wild bird having a wild time in the big city!

     Aww, even Pearl got a tailor made suit! I think it’s great that Greg is including her even if she isn’t interested in being waited on and enjoying all the hotel has to offer.

     Did you know that Shelby Rabara, voice actress for Peridot, did the tap dancing in this scene? Yep!

     Oh hey, Steven was playing Golf Quest Mini! Nice callback.

     Good thing Steven and Greg are asleep, or they might hear this really angsty gay song about Rose.

    But check out this awesome hat trick!

    You know, when the episode preview images first came out, fans had a speculation...

    I mean, that's what happened, right?

    *Looking through the SU tag, working on the followup.*
    IT'S BACK!


    See, this is interesting, because it seems like Pearl never wanted to hurt Greg. I mean, she even helped Greg fix his van in ‘House Guest’, so she doesn’t always hold animosity towards him. Maybe the two just need to actually talk things out?

    Gees, don’t let Steven handle money!

    I bet Rose tried to get Greg and Pearl to be friends, but it simply wasn’t possible… Steven is doing all the things his mother wasn’t able to. “Sometimes, you even sound like her.” I think this holds so true in this song. It sounds like it could’ve come right from Rose.

    Ooo look at these two, not conforming to gender roles in dancing!

    Aww. After 20-30 years, Pearl and Greg are finally friends.

    That’s the power of Steven!

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