• Episode Followup: Too Short To Ride

    This was a super fun episode! Looks like we're getting into a slice of life arc of SU. Nice and calm, right? It's great for character development! First Pearl and Greg, now Amethyst and Peridot! Really neat to explore these characters and their relationships with each other.

    “Wow, thanks.”
    Peridot seems to be adapting well to Earth customs.

    Look at Steven, sneaking that bow into Peridot's hair!

    Huh, so Greg tried to get with the times, but gave it up.

    Wait, is that Neko Atsume?

    Steven introduces Peridot to cat videos!

    Wow, Peri even knows about dabbing!

    “Speed pattern transportation circuit.”
    I wonder if they have anything like that on Homeworld.

    Haha, your hair couldn’t fool Mr. Smiley!

    Wait, how can you have more than one lifetime ban?

    Woah. That Amethyst is hot.

    Heh, I ask myself the same thing a lot too, Peridot.

    Peridot loves aliens! Well, the Earth interpretation of aliens, since the gems are the real aliens in this universe.

    Hmm, why not four rings?

    Funland is Funderstaffed? Hey wait, if Mr. Smiley is running Funland, who’s looking after the arcade? How many businesses in Beach City Does Mr. Smiley own?

    What the heck Onion? WHY?!

    Whaaattt. Amethyst teaching Peridot to lie?!
    Wait, Peridot steals Steven's clothes?

    “It’s a little sister!”
    What are you implying, Mr. Smiley?

    Hey wait a second, why does that character look familiar...


    It’s really neat that Steven can relate to Peridot with formerly not being able to use his powers.

    Peridot isn't too sure about this particular transformation...

    I wonder if Peridot’s floating fingers were really controlled by her gem powers, but Homeworld told her it was just part of her tech. Amethyst told Steven “Whenever I need to summon my weapon, it just happens.” Amethyst just lets her powers flow out of her, without thinking. She flows into her shapeshifting. When Peridot stops thinking about having powers, she’s able to use them naturally without trying.

    Shorty Squad Out!

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