• SDCC Steven Universe Panel Upload and Highlights!

    Here it is, folks! The Steven Universe panel from San Diego Comic Con! There was so so much packed into this panel, it must have been amazing to be there for it!

    Part 1 shows the musical part of the panel, where Aivi & Surasshu performed songs from Mr. Greg, Stronger Than You, and so much more!

    Part 2 is more music, including Rebecca Sugar singing Love Like You, the cast performing We Are the Crystal Gems, Q&A with Rebecca and the rest of the cast, and Rebecca performing an unaired upcoming song! (So please, be wary of spoilers!)

    There are some highlights listed below the videos, so if you don't have time to watch now just check out the recap!

    Steven Universe SDCC Recap
     Here’s a recap of what happened in today’s SDCC panel. 
    • They showed a clip of tonight’s episode “Beach City Drift.”
    • There were a couple of the show’s songs that the crew sang at the beginning, such as the credits song, the main title song, etc.
    • A preview of the new iOS/Android game “Soundtrack Attack” was shown.
    • Rebecca has created a children’s book based on the Emmy nominated episode, “The Answer.”
    • Rebecca said that the credits is a theme message for everyone, and it isn’t directed towards anyone specifically. 
    • Rebecca said the song creating processes goes back and forth, but it starts when they’re throwing in ideas to create an episode. Everyone agreed Rebecca’s demos are the best!
    • Steven’s canon birthday is August 15th, same as Steven Sugar, Rebecca’s brother.
    • Rebecca said that she is fine with the 11-minute format of the show. 
    • There’ll be a half hour special airing soon in the coming weeks! (Presumably Bismuth)
    • Steven is home-schooled by the gems. He is smart but still has a lot to learn!
    • A question was asked if Steven grew up to sound like a musician, who would he sound like? Some said he would grow up to be like Greg and the music would involve rock. Bon Jovi was a name mentioned!
    • It was asked if we’d see more of homeworld, but since it was a spoiler question it wasn’t answered! 
    • Rebecca said she knew most of the basic plot of the show like the fusions before the show, but some things were made along the way, like Amethyst’s backstory and the kindergarten story. Getting to know the staff helped to create some of the story of the show.
    • Steven’s VA, Zach Callison knows a bit of Italian and has a good accent.
    • Rebecca said that she gets inspired by everything that happens in life.
    • The crew confirmed that there will be new gems introduced in the upcoming episodes!
    • Rebecca sang a song “Here Comes a Thought” which will be airing in an upcoming episode.

    • Aivi and Surasshu opened with the Opal fusion song from Giant Woman
    • Songs from Mr. Greg, We are the Crystal Gems Love Like You, On the Run, Tower of Mistakes and Stronger Than You were performed as part of Steven Sing-A-Verse.
    • Love Like You took 3 years to complete, and was originally only 30 seconds long.
    • Love Like You can pertain to any character.
    • There will be new episodes in the fall in the bomb format.
    • Why Pearl wanted to go back to Homeworld in Space Race is considered a spoiler.
    • We will be seeing new gems during Summer of Steven.
    • The fusions were planned from the start, Rebecca draws mention to knowing that Sardonyx's weapon would be a hammer.
    • Michaela Dietz helped form Amethyst's backstory (not sure on this one, but it was some mention of it during the Q&A).
    • EDIT: Michaela has said she relates to Amethyst's backstory because she is adopted. She only learnt about her backstory shortly before recording On the Run, whereas Rebecca and the other crew members had known beforehand.
    • Steven's birthday is on August 15th because it is also Steven Sugar's birthday.
    • The Answer's children book was briefly shown, and will be released in the fall.
    • An unaired song entitled 'Here Comes A Thought' was performed by Rebecca. She intentionally wrote it to calm her down in a time of distress but later she and Jeff Liu incorporated it into the show.
    • A clip from Beach City Drift was shown. (Now uploaded by CN to Twitter)
    • EDIT: When asked about material weapons (like Pearl's swords) vs the Gem's weapon they can actually manifest (Pearl's spear), they coyly ended with asking, "Oh, those material weapons? I wonder where they come from? I wonder if we'll find out!" - Spoilers from Everything's Changing
    • EDIT: Rebecca talked about LGBT and female representation in the show: "Much of it comes from my experience as a bisexual woman."
    • EDIT: Rebecca talked about the leaks, she would like to keep everything a surprise but it's too big and out of her control. This is her first time having to deal with it as she's used to writing comics.

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