• Worst Case Scenario For Upcoming Episodes

    An SU fan over on reddit came up with some fun plot lines for upcoming episodes! Remember way back when everyone thought "Hit the Diamond" would be the huge episode where Yellow Diamond finally appeared (before Message Received came), but some joked about "Hit the Diamond" being an episode about baseball? And then it actually DID turn out to be a baseball episode?? Time to imagine what would possibly go wrong with these next titles! Think any of these will be accurate?

    Too Short to Ride - No Stevonnie, no Peridot, no Lapis, no Funland. Just a filler episode about Peedee being looked down upon for being young. None of the CGs show up at all.
    Drop Beat Dad - Greg isn't even IN this episode. And the CGs are absent again. Steven helps Lars with daddy issues. Filler.
    Mr. Greg - Again, Greg isn't in this one, instead a filler episode where a new neighbour with the last name "Greg" moves in. Extremely boring. Amethyst gets one cameo appearance, all other gems absent. It's about Steven showing the neighbour around.
    The New Lars - Steven helps Lars be a better person for 11 minutes. Still no gems. Ronaldo takes up 3 minutes of the episode for some reason. In the end Lars learns nothing and has zero character development.
    Beach City Drift - RONALDO EPISODE. If Keep Beach City Weird and Rising Tides were both cranked up to 11 and had a baby.
    Restaurant Wars - Big fat filler about Steven trying to prevent his favourite TV show called Restaurant Wars getting cancelled.
    Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service - Kiki gets about 30 seconds of screen time in this episode before Ronaldo hijacks it. He steals the service and Kiki runs away depressed. Then at the end Jenny gets ownership of the pizza delivery service, no Kiki.
    Monster Reunion - Centipeetle gets anticlimactically healed in 5 seconds at the very end of the episode, nine and a half minutes after she was released from her bubble after 70 episodes of not being mentioned once. And how is she healed? Steven being nice.
    Alone at Sea - No Jasper or anything. Jasper hasn't even been mentioned once in this run. Instead, this episode is Steven watching a movie called "Alone at Sea" with Sadie and ... RONALDO!!!

    Notice how many of these involved Ronaldo haha.

    And let's hope none of these turn out to be anything close to true!
    Can you think of an even worse case scenario for any of these? Post them in the comments or on the reddit thread!

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