• Review: SU 3x03 and 3x04: Dealing With Consequences

    Jenna over on fandomfollowing.com released a fantastic review about 'Same Old World' and 'Barn Mates'. Check out an excerpt, and then read the full article at the link! It's a good read, so don't miss it!

    It’s a tough competition, because basically all of Steven Universe is pure gold, but I think “Same Old World” miiiiight just be my favorite episode yet, and not even just because it has Lapis Lazuli in, though that certainly doesn’t hurt its case. Episodes 3 (“Same Old World”) and 4 (“Barn Mates”) of this season represent another of those tone shifts I seem to be so fond of talking about: that while the previous two were all about dealing with this arc they had built up, and showing Steven’s development as an empath, these next two are dealing with the very real fallout of what’s happened on Earth and to our characters. This first episode is a subtle ode to how beautiful the planet really is, what makes it worth protecting, but it’s also about change. Steven says it right when he says nothing is “still” on Earth — truly, nothing ever is.

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