• Analysis: Bismuth's Advice

    Bismuth may have done some questionable things in the episode. But she was also very helpful and encouraging to Steven. Were she not so set on winning against Homeworld at any cost, she'd be a great addition to Steven's Crystal Gem team. She had some great advice for Steven, and she wasn't afraid to talk about Rose like Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst tend to shy away from.

    "You are different. That's what's so exciting. You don't have to be like Rose Quartz. You can be someone even better. You can be you."

    Can we please talk about how important this scene was? Like, Steven always feels like he’s being pressured for not being like his mother.
    he feels guilty because the gems no longer have a leader.

    he feels guilty because the gems don’t know how to handle and take care of his unique form.

    and he feels guilty because he can’t keep things in control like Rose did.
    This is the first time someone has ever told Steven that he’s not just like Rose, he’s BETTER than Rose. It’s something that has never been said by any of the crystal gems, and I think that’s something special.

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