• Beach City Con Update

    Hey guys, Panda's here with some fantastic news about the very first Steven Universe convention!  Check out the news below.

    The Kickstarter for Beach City Con will launch September 1st and will run for 60 days.
    The goal of $7000 will cover venue rental, the gift included in certain donation tiers, and other costs for establishing the convention and various programming. Parent company Saga Event Planning is dedicated to not-for-profit fan conventions; any extra money we receive will go back into Beach City Con to make the event the best it can be for our attendees.
    We are offering the following donation levels:
    • $1+ Diamond (unlimited): Diamond Tier gets you a spot on our dedicated thank you page on BeachCityCon.com
    • $25+ Quartz (unlimited): Quartz Tier comes with early ticket buying privileges to Beach City Con.
    • $40+ Corundum (limit 150): Corundum Tier comes with a limited edition gift and early ticket buying privileges to Beach City Con.
    • $75+ Peridotite (limit 200): Peridotite Tier comes with a limited edition gift and a weekend pass to Beach City Con.
    • $100+ Pearl (limit 75): Pearl Tier comes with a limited edition gift, a weekend pass to Beach City Con, and guaranteed seating at all panels.
    • $250+ Steven (limit 10): Steven Tier comes with two gifts, up to two weekend passes for Beach City Con 2017, and priority seating at panels for up to two people.
    • $1000+ Crystal Gem (limit 3): Crystal Gem Tier comes with up to four weekend passes to Beach City Con 2017, four gifts, priority panel seating for up to four people, and a suite at the Virginia Resort Hotel and Conference Center on the nights of October 13th and 14th, 2017.
    Assuming the Kickstarter’s success, the early ticket buying window will run for two weeks in November with weekend passes at $65 plus fees. Availability and scope of VIP tickets will depend on if we sell out of our Pearl, Steven, and Crystal Gem tiers during the Kickstarter.
    Any donation at Peridotite tier or above will come with a booking code to the VIrginia Beach Resort Hotel and Conference Center. You may begin booking rooms as soon as you have secured a ticket to Beach City Con.
    In the meantime please join our Facebook group, follow us on Twitter and tumblr, and like our Facebook page. If you have any further questions you can contact us through any of our social media or at beachcitycon@gmail.com.
    We can’t wait to keep Beach City Con weird together!

    Tara Lynne, Mayor of Beach City Con
    K-K Bracken, the Mayor’s Son

    This information was released in an email update from Beach City Con organizers.