• Little Ursa at San Diego Comic-Con

    Hello all! I just found out that I was the only one of the Beach City Bugle crew to attend the famous (and sometimes infamous) San Diego Comic-Con last month. So why don't I walk you through my time at the world famous convention that's right in my backyard!

    San Diego Convention Center, two days before Preview Night

    A little background about me and SDCC: I started going to conventions since 2007, my first being San Diego Comic-Con 2007. Ten years later, I'm still going to Comic-Con (as a guest, no less), and this last Comic-Con was my 50th convention overall. And I have no plans to stop anytime soon.

    The calm before the storm

    Anyway, let's start talking about the convention itself! For Preview Night I cosplayed as Steven, complete with my cheeseburger backpack and my Lion plush. Part of the problem with Comic-Con is the waiting in line. My friend and I got to the convention early so we could get in and start shopping early. (You can even see my shopping list in my pocket in the photo below.)

    Ready for action

    Preview Night was mostly for shopping and snagging freebies, which is normal or Comic-Con. Of course, I was stopped for photos, but there was one item I was actively seeking out:

    Can you blame me?

    Thursday, I cosplayed as Steven again. I was able to run into some other cosplayers, including a family. Some of the photos are below:

    Ruby really was excited to eat the Cookie Cat

    Pearl was a little camera shy

    The highlight of Thursday was the Cartoon Network Costume Ball. I did take part in the event, which was livestreamed by Cartoon Network online. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of the panel other than below, which was taken before the guests took the stage. The winners of the cosplay contests were a young Finn, a young Ruby and Sapphire couple, Clarence's mom (to be fair, that was pretty slick, I almost didn't recognize them), and a HUGE Sugilite cosplay (the thing was like a baseball mascot outfit). After the contest, they showed us a new episode of Steven Universe from the Steven nuke, 'Beach City Drift'.

    As for merch, Thursday was important because I got something very important. Boom Studios were selling three different zines to fans. They were sold in limited quantities and when I went back to the booth to talk to my friend, she told me they had sold out three hours after they had arrived onsite. Guess I was really lucky to get the ones I did.

    The beautiful cover art was all done by Missy Pena

    The next day, Friday, was a busy day. And unsurprisingly, there was a line for the Steven Universe panel. The panel started at 10:15 AM, I had gotten in line at 5:15 AM. This was the line when I arrived (or rather when the sun gave us enough light for pictures):

    Should be noted, a number of these people camped out.

    So what was I doing for five hours, waiting for the panel? Why, getting my cosplay on, of course!

    I feel so pretty!
    My good friend Paige gave me a crash course in make up/facepaint while we waited in line. In fact, a number of people enjoyed watching the transformation into Amethyst or, should I say, Amy.

    I'm here to hit homeruns and chew bubblegum....

    One inside the Indigo Ballroom (yes, I understand the joke there), I got a good seat so I could watch the panel....

    ....and so I could ask a question.


    While up there, the audience really seemed to enjoy my cosplay (even more so how I totally had Amethyst's attitude). Zach uploaded a photo of me to the Cartoon Network twitter:

    Completely normal.

    And Michela Dietz added her own picture of me:

    And yes, those are Percy and Paulette cosplays in front of me.

    After the panel, I went outside and kept getting stopped for photos by both cosplayers....

    ....and some folks of the Crewniverse.

    Photo with Steven Sugar

    Photo with Grace Krafts

    Photo with Hans Tseng, Jasmine Lai, and Efrain Farias

    After wandering around for a bit, I returned to the Steven Universe signing, which I was lucky enough to go to (a big thanks to my friend Bianca). At the signing, the voice of a certain purple gem wanted a selfie with me. How could I say no?

    To be fair, we know that gems aren't too great at taking selfies

    Friday was a tiring day, but my Steven Universe haul was quite awesome. After all, you can see them right here on Beach City Bugle!

    So much Steven, so little time....

    Saturday, the busiest day of the con, and the day with the most stuff to do, I decided not to cosplay anything Steven. Rather, I thought I would give a different Cartoon Network show some love:

    Have you seen Panda's brothers?

    I went to the We Bare Bears panel as Panda (I think the only WBB cosplay at the panel, sadly) and it was a great success. Even the voice actors seemed to be impressed with my dedication/insanity. (I was asked if I was overheating in the hoodie.) The day consisted of mostly meeting with some friends that I rarely see, buying items, going to panels (including attending my own), and getting freebies for both me and friends.

    Finally, Sunday consisted of only going to panels, getting stuff signed, and saying bye to a number of friends (especially those who are on the other side of the country). But those things aren't something you're concerned, I'm sure you want to see something far more interesting, my swag:

    Not bad, huh? Click to zoom in for a more detailed picture

    I do apologize that I didn't take more pictures of the con (while I'm cosplaying Amethyst, I can barely use my phone or take pictures). But I do promise to give you plenty of other convention updates whenever there is Steven-y stuff to share!