• Beta / Earthlings - Episode Discussion/Streams

    This is your Diamond speaking. I want to personally thank all of you for trying out our public beta of Earthlings these 6000 years. While the game was originally intended to be a colony construction MMO, the emergent gameplay that our players came up with after the server-wide "Crystal Rebellion" turned out to be quite engaging! Again, our moderation team would like to apologize for the vast corruption of accounts that occurred during the mass-banning that ended the war. We assure you, that bug will be fixed in the public release.

    Speaking of the public release, DiamondSoft is pleased to announce that we have spent the last few millennia pouring over your feedback on the game, and have completed the final release candidate of Earthlings! This evening, we will open the Beta servers for one final 15-minute window so you can back up anything you wish to keep. Then we will immediately release the full version of Earthlings! Beta users, fear not. Your account names will be reserved in the new system and can be claimed. We will be starting over from scratch however.

    So what has changed? Lots! Here's a breakdown of the major changes to the gameplay:

    • Humans have been removed. While we thought the early game needed a smart mob for PVE, it turns out PVP was a lot more compelling. The humans just got in the way after that. One gem was apparently even able to breed with them! (ick)
    • The bug allowing players to fuse with gems outside their gem type to create glitched, overpowered monstrosities has been patched. Fusion is now only possible between gems of the same type.
    • Bubbling has been tweaked to fix imbalance issues. Now gem bubbles will only last 24 hours instead of forever. This will prevent players from building "bubble rooms" full of the gems of other players that they keep as trophies. Seriously, that was a bit macabre. Also we patched the bug where bubbles could merge into one giant bubble.
    • The notorious griefer group "The Crystal Gems" and their leader Rose Quartz (or whichever account she's using now) have been banned.
    • The Quartz "Spin Dash" attack now has a 60 second cooldown to prevent a stun-lock condition.

    The Beta reopens tonight at 7:00 ET/PT on the Cartoon Network servers. The changeover to the full release of Earthlings will happen at 7:15. If you cannot attend, the launch event will be streamed at the links after the break.

    Yellow Diamond out.