• Episode Followup: Bubbled

“ New episode of Steven Universe tonight!
storyboarded by Jeff Liu and Colin Howard
8/10/16 at 7PM on CN!

    This show is so great. It can deliver action-packed episodes with huge casts, small slices of life, excellent comedy, and surprisingly deep drama. But after 103 episodes, it still has the ability to surprise us with an episode that's just about two characters that are essentially alone in the universe.

    Let's take a look!

    Whoa, we're in space! Now, hang on. I know what some of you are thinking. Don't forget, the Rubies had extra help getting out that door. What you should be nitpicking about is how close the Moon is depicted to the EarthMingLee

    Speaking of the Rubies, aww! What a terrible fate for them. I hope we see them again. Especially Leggy, she's the best.

    Looks like Steven blacked out for a minute there. Luckily he panic bubbled!

    "Well if you're going to be a grump about it, then we can just float in silence until we both die!" "Sounds great!" "Fine!" "I can't wait!" "Me neither!"
    Sheesh! A minute in and they're already resigned to dying. Settle down, you two! It's gonna be a long eternity if you keep fighting like that!

    Oh wow, and I thought the background paintings of Beach City at night were amazing, but these... man I love this show.

    "What? No signal? C'mon, I'm right by a satellite!"
    Oh Steven, you're out beyond the moon. That satellite's probably as lost as you are!

    I think I found my new desktop background.

    "You expect me to believe anything, don't you. Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me four times, you already fooled me. And you can't fool me again."

    Yeah, yeah, I think I see the resemblance.

    "Find cover, soldier!"
    I like how Eyeba- er, sorry, that's not her name. I like how her first instinct was to help Steven. Maybe she's not irredeemable. Do I hear new Crystal Gem?

    "Nooo! Ohh? O."
    Oh great, they've floated into the Ringo Zone.

    "I'm unstoppable!"
    Well with a line like that what could possibly go wrong?


    Newwww powerrrrr! Anyone getting a World of Goo vibe?

    Uhh Eyeball, what's wrong with your face? I hope she doesn't become corrupted inside this bubble! Can you bubble gems that are already in bubbles?

    Daww she's adorable! Fandom, we're gonna need some plush Cracked Rubies.

    Steven? Steven what are you doing? What ever happened to just licking your hand? You'd better be about to drop an RnB song with a face like that!

    Eyeball Ruby's right, Steven. C'mon, you're usually on top of this whole getting consent thing and now you're just "I'mma lick your eye"? Ew!

    It healed! She realized he's Rose Quartz! She's happy!

    And Steven's happy! They're both happy! Everything is fine!

    No! I was wrong! Everything is not fine! Do you think when she puts that dagger away she ever ends up stabbing herself in the eye?

    And the chase is on!

    "What? No! Please don't take my gem! Wait, what'd even happen to me?"
     Ugh, probably something too horrible to contemplate, Steven. Would he be poofed, or would he just lose his powers? Would he... half-poof? Let's never find out.

    I like this little moment. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Maybe Steven's just stunned. But I think this shot speaks volumes about Steven. He has every right to reach up, grab that knife, and defend himself, but he doesn't even try. 

    "What will the Diamonds say when they hear that a Ruby defeated Rose Quartz? They're gonna give me my own Pearl!"
    Man, judging by what Eyeball and Peridot have said about Pearls, only the elite of the elites must have them. Heck, not even Jasper had one!

    Aww, and there goes Eyeball Ruby. Hopefully not forever. I mean ok, she did try to kill Steven, but... actually y'know what ok. Bye-bye Eyeball.

    And there goes Steven, floating away inside his pale pink dot. A lonely speck in the great, enveloping cosmic dark. In his obscurity, in all this vastness, there is no hint that help will come to save him.

    Aliens! They've come to abduct Steven!

    "♬ If I could... ♬"

    "♬ Begin to be... ♬"
    Yes! Yes! We've got the full Love Like You in the episode! This three-season journey is finally complete! We've got the whole song!

    Which this kind soul stitched together for us.

    "But did Mom really do it? Did she really... shatter her?" "She had to. The Earth belonged to Pink Diamond, and destroying her was the only way to save the planet."
    Well, that's confirmed. Rose Quartz didn't just shatter Pink Diamond, she also shattered a whole bunch of headcanons. Still, now we know the inciting incident of the thousand years of war to save the Earth!

    "She didn't always do what was best for her... But she always did what was best for Earth."
    Garnet always knows what to say, but I love this little pause she took to think. Now we know the true depth of Rose Quartz's convictions. I wonder if she's had to shatter anyone else. I wonder if Bismuth played a role. I wonder if that gave Rose a pretty shaky argument against the Breaking Point. Oh Rose, now Steven's feelings are even more complicated.

    And that's Season 3. Hope you enjoyed it! It sure was one heck of a ride.

    And speaking of one heck of a ride, the Crystal Gems have a space ship now! Awwww yiss! What are they gonna get up to with that? Find out when Season 4 starts this fall next week tomorrow today!