• Episode Followup: Know Your Fusion

“It’s tonight! Check it out!
    Steven's Summer Adventure might be over, but it still had one more surprise up its sleeve. Two fusions talking it out about fusion for a whole episode? Yes, please!

    "Those two are acting very suspicious! Should we ask them what's going on?" "I can't." "Riiiiight."
     Garnet doesn't like asking questions. Is it because she knows that if she asked, her Future Vision would ruin the surprise, or is it another reason?

    "But do you know who beat Jasper?" "You two?" "Peridot."
    I mean she's not wrong...

    Y'know up until this point I thought they were playing along, but Smoky Quartz hit them like a truck. I love their reactions!

    Like look at Pearl. If she were a fusion, she would've split in half by now!

    And Garnet can't stop screaming. What a couple of adorable proud moms!

    And we get Sardonyx this episode! That's great! I was worried she'd only make tiny cameos ever since Cry For Help, but... oh, and two of those yo-yos were headed for support beams. Probably a good thing she appeared when she did!

    "You've made quite the impression already! In fact, there's one in the wall over there..."
    Oh Sardonyx, don't act as if you aren't about to shatter that wall anyway.

    Like a glove!

    "Goo-ood evening everybody!"
    Yup, it's her catchphrase. I love that she has this set just ready to go! Move over Colbert, there's a new king of late night! Though I guess with that smile she's more like David Letterman.

    I love how the storyboarders and animators always take the characters' extra arms into account. Sardonyx always has great poses.

    "Yeah... she lost her mind in a corrupted fusion. I uh... I guess you could say she had a short fuse?" "Oh ho ho ho!"
    Yow, they sure are cavalier about it, disturbing as it was to watch.... well, if you're ok with it I'm ok with it I guess?

    "Easy crowd, huh? Where'd you get 'em?" "I made them myself."
    Eh, there's nothing creepy about hearing the laughter of people that don't exist. After all, most of the people laughing at sitcoms nowadays are probably dead!

    "Don't those cartoon characters make you wanna buy those products? I sure hope so or else I'd be off the air."
     Uh oh, I think we have to buy that My Little Pony castle set folks. Steven Universe depends on it!

    Right game, wrong episode! Darnit!

    It's a good thing Cartoon Network got permission to air a clip from... itself.

    "Oh! Oh, well, a bow is kinda like a yo-yo, right?"
    Smoky Quartz knows all there is to know about yo-yos. If it ain't a yo-yo, Smoky don't wanna know about it!

    "She's not actually in this episode. Do we still have to pay her? Yes? Fair enough."
    Ouch, there goes the budget. I hear she charges $50k for a verse.

    So the strength gauge goes Pearl, Stevonnie, Garnet, Opal, Sugilite, huh? I notice you wisely left yourself off it, Sardonyx. Wait, does that mean Stevonnie can also beat Pearl in a fight? Ooooh this next season's gonna be good!

    "Maybe you're just strong! ♬In a different way...♬"
    'Cause everybody loves a callback.

    "I dunno, Sards. I guess 0 + 0 = 0. They say that two wrongs don't make a right. I guess I'm living proof that that's true! I'm just one big super-wrong. A good-for-nothing dud with a yo-yo!"
    Oh, that's the thing Steven and Amethyst have in common. Crippling self-doubt! Yay.

    I feel the same way, Sardonyx. It's really hard listening to someone tear themselves down like that. Especially when it kinda started as a joke and you can tell it's clearly past the point where they're just hate-ranting about themselves. And it's gotta be an extra kicker when all your attempts to build them up just ended up making them feel worse.

    "They want to impress us! They were planning this all morning, we hijacked their show! I was excited! It's not about us!"
    Yeah I think it might be true that when a fusion starts to come apart, they lose their sense of self and stop referring to themselves as singular.

    Oh hey, Ruby and Sapphire! I wonder how much practice they've had keeping themselves together during a catastrophic un-fusing?

    So... is Smoky Quartz's power all about thinking quickly in a crisis? Or is it just being really good with a yo-yo?

    "Oh Amethyst! You've been such a good influence on him!"
    Dat hug.

    And there you have it. Summer of Steven! Steven's Summer Adventure! Smoky Quartz! Sardonyx! See you this fall tomorrow next week!