• More Merch!

    Have you ever felt like your Steven Universe collection was lacking in the cup department?   Well, not anymore!  Check out these new additions from Entertainment Earth below.

    There's a cup similar to this available at Hot Topic, but with a different design and color faceted dome. 

    This cup contains amazing art from the original comic book series by BOOM! Studios.  Being more of a stay-at-home cup, this one does not feature a lid like the others.

    For the active fan, this bottle will let you bring your drink wherever you go.  With Cookie Cat by your side, you'll never have to worry about dehydration again!

    This is a more basic travel cup that, while still cool, is a bit less fancy than the one with a gem-like lid.

    Check out all of this new merch and everything else that is currently available at the Entertainment Earth website.