• Episode Followup: Mindful Education

    Here lies Emerald. Faithful blogger. Massive SU fan. Lover of snacks. They will always be remembered. Well, probably not really. They haven’t really done anything noteworthy in life so...

    The truth is, this episode was just too much to take. Their little lesbian heart was completely wrecked by every bit of this episode.

    Wait Steven's BALD?! Does he have a new hair growing power he wants to show Connie so he shaved his head? How many powers is this kid going to get?

    And yet Connie seems to be missing this crucial detail. What the heckie could be wrong with her?

    Garnet is so proud of her sign. 

    Fusion sign! Two signs in one!

    Robot fusion dance!


     Woooaaahhh Stevonnie has floating powers now! I wonder if they posses all of Steven's powers?

    They are so good... Doing their best! 

    Sweet babies, Connie threw the beat down on some punk - oh, it was just a regular kid? Uh, yeah, that was a mistake. 

    "You just have to try not to think about it." 
    Perfect solution Steven, just run away from your problems!

    "An imbalance can cause your fusion see things that aren't there, and eventually fall apart."

    "...see things that aren't there..."
    So like, dead teammates and stuff?

     Ahhhh fusion lesson from Garnet!

    "Flexibility, love, and trust."

    Neat, what's this cool fusion realm? Hoooooo and a new song!

    There goes Ruby, getting caught up on one little thing- Oh, right, that's right in the song.

    Well hey, my prediction about the song being about Stevonnie was partially right.

    It makes sense that Sapphire would have so many more butterflies/issues.

    She sees so many things... so many ways that her friends could be hurt. She probably saw the Diamond Nuke as a possibility, and yet she couldn't prevent that. She couldn't save everyone, no matter how far she looked into the future. Looking death in the face so many times, and not always being able to do something... that has to be intense. "I see so many things that can hurt you. I should never have let one of them be me."

     Aww, poor Ruby. She just gets so hung up on one little thing.

    Maybe she still feels bad about ruining Sapphire's life on Homeworld and causing her to leave her cushy life behind.

    Seriously though, having future vision has to leave Sapphire with mountains of guilt. All the gems that didn't survive the war, all the gems that were corrupted. "It's not our fault!" 

    "Take a moment and find yourself."

    "You've got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear."
    This scene is beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. 

    "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here."


    The effects in this episode are just top notch, holy crap.

    "And, oh, I'm losing sight. I'm losing touch."

    I wonder what it was like for Steven to feel Connie's emotional trauma over the situation when they had the first breakdown as Stevonnie.

    Let's all imagine negative feelings as little white butterflies, yeah? 

    "Take a moment and ask yourself if this is how we fall apart."

    "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay." 

    "I've got nothing, got nothing, got nothing, got nothing to fear."

    "I'm here, I'm here, I'm here."

    "And it was just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought, just a thought."

    "It's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay, it's okay."

    "We can watch, we can watch, we can watch, we can watch them go by."

    "From here, from here, from here."

    "Take a moment to think of just, flexibility, love, and trust. Take a moment to think of just, flexibility, love, and trust."

    Same Michaela, same. Also, Here Comes a Thought was the longest SU song to date! It clocks in at 3:15, with Stronger Than You being 2:40.

    Say, where have I seen those butterflies before?

    Hmm, yeah, but that's not-

    Right. (That's Miraculous Ladybug, by the way.)

     What a great song! What a great episode! Connie made up with Jeff Liu and everything is okay! Alright let's wrap it up people!


    "I might have some issues I need to work out." - Steven, 45 episodes ago. 

     "You just have to try not to think about it."
    Perfect advice, Steven. Seems to be working out for you.

    Wait why does Stevonnie's outfit form a yellow diamond symbol at approximately the same place Peridot's was located?

    "It's okay to think about it!" 
    Hey Steven I know the gems aren't like super big into talking about issues that bother them but maybe this is one lesson you shouldn't take from your moms.

    "Remember who you are."

    Sorry, wrong movie.

    "Oh jeez, those emotions are complicated!"

    Nooo Stevonnie you have to be okay! 

    Once again, the Crewniverse is full of Miyazaki fans.

    So, seems like everything turned out okay for now. (There's still that subtle yellow diamond insignia though...)

    All these Garnet parallels in this episode though.

    Now we get a brief look inside Rebecca Sugar’s thought process while she made Mindful Education
    Rest in pieces, our hearts.

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