• Episode Followup: Steven vs. Amethyst

    Ho boy, this week has been something. I can't believe this is leading up to a half hour special 100th episode.  HOW WILL WE SURVIVE? Well, time to dive in to 'Steven vs. Amethyst'!

    Pearl is the proudest mom. Just look at her!

    No no no Amethyst don't feel bad! Please Amethyst if you cry I'll cry. ;_;

    Hrm, seems like Amethyst took a turn back to her not caring and sloppy self.

    Just when she'd gotten her self confidence up during 'Reformed'.

    Okay woo, thank goodness that downer mood didn't last! I don't know if I could take another feels heavy episode. Look at how adorable these Pearl Point stickers are!

    "I'm glad you asked!"
    Classic Pearl. Always eager to explain things!

    Punctuality, Perseverance, and Positivity! You know, all that nerd stuff.

    "We may be smaller, weaker, and less gifted than our opponents." 
    eah real easy for you to say Pearl, even you can kick Amethyst's butt and you're a pearl.

    The Pearl Prize Pouch! Wait, can't Pearl just hold stuff in her gem? Why does she need a fanny pack? Pearl is just mom-ing it up hardcore this episode!

    Okay guys, Pmazing and Pgreat are NOT words. Pearl, why are you not correcting them on their misuse of grammar?

    Less Lethal holo-pearls - good idea.

    How does this kid run so fast in flip flops?!

    "Going easy on him will build his confidence."
    Uh yeah, because "going easy" totally worked in 'The Test'. But I guess this course is not fake.

    "Don't go too easy on him, he still needs a challenge."
    Seems like Pearl actually has more confidence in Amethyst than Amethyst does in herself.

    Yeah, Crack the Whip! Oh, wait, that was last episode.

    I just need to point out that this is a really cool animation frame.

    Ah crap, this is a feelsy episode, isn't it? 

    Wait, where did Steven get that hat? Oooooooohhhh wait, it was his Pearl Prize!

    How did Pearl fit that in her fanny pack?!

    Woah, angry siblings are angry.

    "I get mad at myself and then it makes me suck at everything I do even more!"
    No Amethyst you're awesome and the best Crystal Gem!

    "I SUCK!"
    You know what's even better? Teamwork? Maybe?

    Is this the equivalent of Ash Ketchum turning his hat around?


    I wonder if, sine Amethyst and Jasper can do the Sonic the Hedgehog trick, if Steven will eventually learn to as well? Or if we'll get to see Rose Quartz use it in a flashback?

    Oooo, very nice reference!

    Hmm, if Amethyst can use flame on her whips, I wonder if she could like, breath fire?

    Whaaattttt! New power for Steven?!

    There is some really solid and cool animation in this episode! Well done Hilary and Lauren!

    Nothing builds up your self confidence more than battling a friend and secretly complimenting each other's battle techniques.

    When you accidentally save the person you're fighting but have to make it look like you're still trying to beat them up!


    Well, I guess that fight was uh... therapeutic? They're not really mad at each other?

    What's important at the end of the day is that everybody is still friends!

    I think Amethyst is both secretly proud and secretly jealous. Or uh... better put that jealousy under not-so-secret. But she's still a proud mom, just like Pearl! Or proud sister, or whatever.

    I mean I guess those were like 5,000 year old relics that they wrecked.

    Well, at least they ruined it together?


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