• Hey, It's That Voice! #3: Michaela Dietz

    Welcome again to "Hey, It's That Voice!" Last time, we started going through the wonderful voices that give us the Crystal Gems. Today, we will continue with the little purple protector who loves to eat, Amethyst!

    Now, for a little disclaimer: I absolutely love Amethyst. She is my spirit animal. I knew she was going to be my favorite character the moment I heard her voice in the early commercials way back when. And, it sort of doesn't help that she is also a drummer.

    "Let me play you the song of my people."

    The first time I met the wonderful voice of Amethyst, Michaela Dietz, was at San Diego Comic-Con 2014. I was an absolute fangirl in front of her and in front of the whole panel and then same at the signing. She was really awesome and I even got to briefly chat with her. Fast forward to San Diego Comic-Con 2016 where I cosplayed as Amethyst: she fangirled at me. Needless to say, I think she's awesome.

    "Alright dweebs, let's do this."

    Michaela Dietz was born July 10, 1984 in South Korea. Her first notable acting role was the role of Ellie in the 2005 in the indie drama Discover Me, which won the Audience Award at the 2005 Chicago Indiefest. However, outside of Steven Universe, Michaela's most known role is that of the dinosaur Riff from Barney & Friends.

    "Now....let me play you the song of my people."

    Mind you, she only provides the voice and singing voice for Riff. She does not go into the giant suit herself. However, she held this role since the characters introduction in 2006 until the shows end in 2010. In recent years, she does reprise the role of Riff for videos and specials. The character might be returning for a new Barney revival, which might mean the return of Michaela as the role.

    Let's move to some of her other roles. Michaela has had a number of small roles in television series and films. For example, she appeared a single episode of the 2009 series Workshop, the 2009 musical short Red, Black, and Blonde, and the 2009 comedy-drama film K-Town.

    Michaela has also had some other voice acting work before she became known as the voice of a short, purple rock. She had lent her voice to the title character of Fo Fo Figgily, the animated short Friends With Fins, and, probably most notably, Grand Theft Auto V where she contributed in voicing the local populace.

    WARNING: The following video contains coarse language and should not be played without headphones.

    And that will just about to it for this version of "Hey, It's That Voice!" Thanks for reading and join me next time when we will look at the voice of Garnet!

    "Later, nerds."