• Beach City Con Update #2

    What a week it’s been! We made our goal in one hour and doubled it in a little over a day! The swift success of our Kickstarter has been truly overwhelming in the most positive way. Whether you read our updates, spread the word, or pledged a donation, thank you for taking part in it!
    Now that we know we have a little bit of a surplus budget to play with, we have been pursuing programming which involves more concrete costs. We can’t promise anything until the schedule is announced which is many months away yet, but so far we’re looking up quotes from face painters, dance instructors, ukulele teachers, beach stage rentals, caricature artists, stage combat professionals - even a few carnival rental companies, for a possible Funland-at-the-Con experience!
    But our biggest announcement today is to declare our stretch goal...
    Bring Zach Callison and Grace Rolek to Beach City Con 2017!
    Bring Zach Callison and Grace Rolek to Beach City Con 2017!

    To do this, we need to raise at least $35000 (total).

    We are so excited to have this opportunity to bring the voices of Steven and Connie to Beach City Con 2017! We will offer autographs from both Zach and Grace for any donor who first secures a ticket and then increases their pledge by $100 / ticket. Per these rules, we cannot modify our tiers now that they have been selected, but Kickstarter’s policies on changing/cancelingyour pledges are very generous. This will also be helpful if it looks like we aren’t going to make our stretch goal in time for the end of the campaign. We will keep you updated as we move forward.
    We understand we are asking for a lot of extra money to help make this happen. We are a first year con, and above all, we want to be realistic in what we are capable of as a non-profit event-planning business. So we are asking our backers to help raise the money up front. We want to absolutely, beyond a shadow of a doubt, know that we have the budget to bring Zach and Grace to this convention.
    Even if we don’t end up raising the funds to get Steven Universe voice actors to Beach City Con 2017, don’t fret. We are already in communication with the representatives for several guests who are interested in attending. Plus, as our schedule starts to solidify, it’s shaping up to be a convention weekend jam-packed with fun and excitement!
    We are so thrilled to be planning this event, because we believe that it’s time for a Steven Universe convention! We will release Volunteer and Vendor applications soon. If you have any questions, send them our way, and Believe in StevenCon!