• Cartoon Network Collective Event/The Answer Signing in Alhambra, California

    Hello all! Littler Usra here! Back on Saturday, Jango told all of ya'll that I was at Gallery Nucleus for a Cartoon Network event. Onsite, they were having a signing for the Cartoon Network Collective and a signing of Rebecca Sugar's "The Answer". Well, here are the details of the event, where I got to hang out with some awesome artists, some fantastic folks, and some all-around cool nerds. More after the break!

    Mojo is watching you.

    My friends and I got to the gallery quite early on Saturday and we were easily the first ones in line. I had a shopping list for friends and I wanted to figure out what special items they would have for sale. Like the print of "The Answer":

    So close, but still too far.
    We got there plenty early, so we just sat and waited for folks to slowly arrive. The line grew quite a bit later on before the opening of the event. Also in line were other cosplayers and eager fans like myself!

    Inside, the gallery had a number of items ready to sell. It included quite a bit of neat items for sale, particularly art prints, notebooks, and copies of "The Answer".
    Gallery Nucleus, located in Alhambra, just east of Downtown Los Angeles, is seriously one of my favorite stores and one of my favorite places to hang out at. The art gallery has a number of neat rotating exhibits and is totally worth checking out. If you happen to be in LA before September 25, do stop on by and check out the Cartoon Network Collective Exhibit.
    Before the insanity
    On the second floor of the gallery, Tiffany Ford and Elle Michalka were signing copies of Rebecca Sugar's "The Answer", the book that they assisted with creating by their wonderful art. The two also tireless assist with their work for both Steven Universe and other Cartoon Network shows.
    Tiffany Ford (right) and Elle Michalka (right) signing a fan's comic at Gallery Nucleus.
    And from the second floor, we can see the gallery as a whole:
    The center table was where Collective artists were seated, allowing fans to ask for signatures and art.
    As the night went on, the more crowded it became.
    One artist in particular, Louie Zong, was livestreaming some of his art at the event.
    Panda is always fabulous.
    He also did an entire work of art onsite that was being livestreamed to the Cartoon Network's Facebook page. (I even accidentally interrupted the stream by asking him to sign a couple items).
    Ice Bear is here for fun and sun. (Art drawn by Louie Zong on site at the Gallery Nucleus event.)
    The following is now the gallery pieces, all of which had prints and might still be able available for purchase from the Gallery Nucleus website:
    "The Answer Cover" by Tiffany Ford and Elle Michalka
    "Adventure Time Show Time" by MAKO
    "Marceline" by James Edmiston
    "Regular Show Tea Time" by MAKO
    "Everyday Bears" by Louie Zong (I bought this artwork)
    "Bearscoop" by Miranda Dressler
    "Bearscoop" (On Wood) by Miranda Dressler
    "Dexter's Lab Tribute" by CHOGRIN
    "See The Unknown" by Anthony Petrie
    "Muskin Boo" by Gris Grimly
    "Steven Universe" by Ty Mattson
    "Mojo Jojo" by Travis Louie
    "Clarence Strut" by Frank Forte
    "Powerpuff Girls" by Cheyenne Curtis
    "The Human, Lich and the Lord of Evil" by Mahendra Singh
    "Card Wars Kingdom" (Carved Skateboard) by Hydro74
    "Steven Universe And The Crystal Gems" by Missy Pena
    A number of these prints have already been retired from the Cartoon Network Collective, and some have made their debut at this event.
    Artists and fans having a blast
    As the night went on, more folks showed up, including some artists.
    Grace Kraft in her natural habitat.
    I was able to convince the ever amazing Grace Kraft to come to the event (by offering to drive her back home afterwards), and she happily sketched for anyone who recognized her. And Jeff Liu also happened to be onsite.
    Jeff Liu, adding his contribution to my multi-signed copy of "Steven's Guide To The Crystal Gems"
    As the night went on, there were plenty more cosplayers and events continued. There was food, fun, freebies, trivia questions, and plenty of other things going on to make he night a blast.
    If there was a cosplay contest, I fear she would easily win. The amount of Lion in this photo is too high.
    Look at this weirdo.
    And lastly, but I'm sure not least for a lot of you, you want to see what I got here, right? Well, since it was an art gallery as well as a signing for "The Answer", I did indulge and bought some artwork, as well as got some freebies from the artists there! (Louie drew me Ranger Tabes and Panda together, Jeff drew me a Peridot in the book, Tiffany drew Sapphire in the book, a fan outsite gave me the index card Amethyst, and Grace drew a lot for a lot of people.) Click the image below for a better view:
    It was a fun day.
    Well, that's all I have to report from the Gallery Nucleus event! Hope you enjoyed seeing the event through my camera! My next event that I will be attending will be Long Beach Comic Con, where you can find me taking photos and reporting on everything I find! Until then!