• Comic Con Palm Springs Recap

    Hello everyone! Little Ursa here again with a convention reacp! Last weekend, I went to Comic Con Palm Springs on Sunday, right after Nerd Con. I won't lie, doing two conventions in one weekend is quite tiring, but it is still very fun! Below the break is the recap of my convention, including cosplays, comics, and the convention itself!

    Heading out to Palm Springs, if you didn't happen to know, is quite tiring. Palm Springs is way east of Los Angeles in the desert. As you can tell in the photo above, it's not exactly an area full of life. But that didn't stop a comic convention from springing up at this oasis in the desert.

    This convention was really neat to me for a couple reasons. Firstly, it's main focus was on the comics and comics related media. Second, they had a large and wonderful artist alley (which I will touch upon further down). Thirdly, there was not a lack of celebrities and big names at this con, which brings me to number four: Stan Lee.

    The autograph line for Stan Lee
    Now, for those of you who don't know, Stan Lee is the creator of numerous comic characters, including Spider-Man, Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, Daredevil, the Fantastic Four, and, my personal favorite, the X-Men. A good number of people were here just for him, and I couldn't blame them. But seeing how I didn't have enough time or money to spare to meet Stan Lee (again, it happened at a previous Comic-Con), I focused on other things such as cosplays:

    Korra cosplayer from the Legend Of Korra

    A Miss America cospalyer, from Marvel comics

    The only fellow Steven Universe cosplay I found at the con

    Yes, there was actually a group cospalying as the Star Wars Cantina Band
    In one of the side rooms, there was some neat exhibits, including a Lego replica of the DC Universe:

    From Wayne Manor, to Metropolis, to Titans Tower to Central City, and everything in between.

    And, I did touch about the artist alley. I chatted and hung around with a number of friends who had tables. Particularly, I was hanging around with my friends who do the comic Cosmic Dash (you can find out more about David Davis at his website of HPKomics). He's a really cool guy and does very awesome work. Below is an example of his art, with Lion taking a closer look at the sketch cards. Hopefully he and his girlfriend will catch up on Steven Universe soon so I can commission a Smokey Quartz from him

    Click for more detail.

    And finally, we come to the end of this convention. While it was a good first year convention, it was a bit sad that there was so few cosplays. Perhaps it was because it was Sunday or maybe the community is still getting it's footing. Only time will tell! Below is my convention haul:

    And that will just about do it for Comic Con Palm Springs! Until next time there is a con!