• Future Boy Zoltron - Episode Discussion/Streams

    Aww yes, superhero episode! After an ill-advised goodnight kiss from Garnet, mild-mannered STEVEN UNIVERSE contracts Future Vision again and this time swears to use his newfound powers (while they last) to help those in need! As his alter-ego, FUTURE BOY ZOLTRON, he spends several hours crafting a costume out of aluminum foil, then uses the few hours he has remaining to help the downtrodden residents of BEACH CITY!

    Thrill as Future Boy Zoltron keeps Sadie from tripping over a curb into a puddle on her way home! Chill as Steven realizes there's not many people to help this late in the evening! Be spellbound by Future Boy Zoltron's attempts to prevent Amethyst from eating a hand grenade she found in her room that she keeps insisting is a shiny pineapple!

    Watch Steven's superhero transformation at 7:00 ET/PT on Cartoon Network! If your Future Vision's on the fritz, we've got streams and downloads after the break.

    And if you do have Future Vision and already know details about this episode, please don't discuss them until after the episode has aired. Thank you.