• Episode Followup: Onion Gang

    Who's ready for Panda's follow-up of yesterday's awesome episode?  Let's goooooooooooo!

    Starting out the show with two hours of couch jumping.  Alrighty then.

    Steven would give a random stranger the shirt off his back, but he's not too amused by donating his chips.

    Steven watches you while you eat...

    The star of the show:  Steven Universe.


    Oh Onion.  Just as creepy as usual.

    I feel like Onion is watching what is about to be more than a friendly welcome.

    Yep.  This is it.  This little Biscuit refuses to use his powers against humans.

    Look at all these new faces!

    Onion isn't a lonely little criminal after all.

    What is with this show and food names?  Garbanzo and Pinto?

    Squash.  More food.

    Last but not least, Soup.

    Time to move out, gang!  We're gonna take this town by storm!

    Bobblehead Steven.  Who doesn't love this show's style?

    Steven was a lot more chill with this (fake) death than I was expecting.

    Ah, there's the reaction I was expecting.

    Hm, I see no future where this can go wrong.

    Definitely casual.  You guys don't stick out at all.

    Whoa, flashing people now, are we?

    Steven didn't really appreciate that, it seems.

    Steven just has the best reactions to everything, doesn't he?

    Proof that Steven could never hurt a fly.

    That feeling when none of your friends want to hang out with you.

    No door can detain Onion.  He does what he wants.

    No person can deny Onion.  He gets what he wants.

    Aw, we keep getting these glimpses into how Steven really feels.  It's about time that we get a full episode on him.

    Safety first.  Always.

    They all arrive and leave in the same episode.  How tragic.  

    This show is always about love in some form or another.  A certain fandom should take note of that. *cough cough SU fandom*

    A happy ending to another great episode.  Now, the next episode however...