• Analysis: The Real Rose Quartz

    Steven has always tried to live up to his mother, Rose Quartz. But when the series began, Steven was painted a picture of a perfect, kind, understanding, caring warrior. Rose had no flaws, she was perfect. Everybody said so. They talked about her great deeds and her beauty and all her accomplishments. But, as the series has progressed, Steven's rose colored glasses view of his mother has changed drastically as he learns more about her.

    Bismuth's advice that "You don't have to be like Rose Quartz. You can be someone even better. You can be you." was extremely important. It helped teach Steven that he was his OWN gem, and he didn't have to live up to Rose Quartz. And Bismuth was right, Steven has the ability to be better. Rose wasn't perfect, she never was, even if that's what Steven thought. And Steven has the power to not make her same mistakes, to not have her same faults.

    But let’s look at it this way: Steven’s image of Rose Quartz- put on his head by the CG and Greg, with all the best intentions- is getting demystified. This is a process that  will hurt him deeply. He’ll be disappointed, lost, angry and frustrated, more likely will go through an identity crisis, but at the end, it’s the best that can happen to him. 

    He’ll finally understand he doesn’t need to measure up to anyone because the person who put that mark that fucking high doesn’t exist, and never existed. 

    Sure, Rose is still kind, compassionate, adorable and loving. she’s also calculating, secretive, manipulative and- if it’s true she killed PD- a murderer. She’s a real person. With flaws and virtues and when Steven learns and embraces his mother’s flaws, he’ll be more forgiving with himself and his weaknesses and start rocking by his own code, his own way.

    So yeah, the best for Steven is to get out of his mother’s shadow and that can only be done by telling him the whole truth about who really was Rose Quartz, the truth will set our baby free. 

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