• Fan Theory: Let's Talk About Connie

    Connie has always been into gem stuff, ever since she met Steven. She's always ready to learn more, and even offered to help fight by Steven's side, even though she's only human. But what if she's not just human? No, this isn't a 'Connie is a gem???' theory. Well, not in the way you'd expect, anyway. But it does raise some interesting points about her character development in the series.

    I saw this theory floating around about maybe Connie being part gem because A) how the hell can she hold that big ass sword meant for ROSE big buff mama warrior quartz??? and B) how can she fuse?? She’s human! We already know from Greg that love is not enough to make fusion between a human and gem happen so I was wondering about it and I think I may have figured it out??? HOHO WHO KNOWS BUT???

    Okay so here’s what i think.

    Do you guys remember this:
    Steven accidentally healed Connie’s eyes with his SPIT. Gross. But she literally ingested a part of Steven. She absorbed a literal part of a gem. After this? Connie can see. They can fse. Connie gets boss on the sword.

    Abilities CAN be passed around just like Garnet giving Steven future vision for a bit, but that was just from a kiss. Connie literally drank Steven's spit. Gross but effective, because I think this also gave Connie Steven's strength to lift that sword. I think this gave her the ability to fuse.

    I don't think Connie is part gem as in like, her ancestor or anything, but I do think that she is a human that straight up absorbed a gem's power into her body.

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