• Episode Followup: Gem Harvest

    Woo hoo, a half hour special! Man, we haven't had one of those since... well, we've only ever had one of those and that was... Bismuth. Oh. Well, I'm ready to have my emotions torn out and stomped on, aren't you?

    Well, the barn is still... all in order.

     Yeah, how did you miss that giant field now growing next to the barn?

    They're out there. 

    Closer than you think!

    Well, Steven's day just took a turn!

    Look at her on that tractor! She's so proud! But all the plants are planted so... what's she doing? Making more fields?

    But I mean, animating a character really small is kind difficult.

    Aww, Peridot is so happy!

    ...too bad Homeworld didn't have tractors so she's not a very good driver.

     For an EAR of corn, it doesn't seem to be able to listen very well!

    Noooo they're so upset! They just wanted to grow lesbian babies together!

    R.I.P. Corn.

    "Garnet says not to lick stuff I find on the ground!"
    Steven, listen to Garnet!


    Wow, living vegetables can jump pretty high!

    So what determines whether a vegetable turns into a baby or a dog?


    Aww, they're so sad!

    They came without warning. 

    They had cut a giant hole in my skull. 

    I mean, this is a show for kids, right? That's just some pumpkin goo, not blood. Ahahaha.

     Careful! He's had his first taste of flesh! (Hey, the inside of fruits and veggies is called flesh!)



     Now Peridot and Lapis can raise a dog child on their farm together! Until Pumpkin inevitably rots away in a few weeks.

    Wait, you set up attack drones?

    Yeah, where did all these stone toting hippies come from?!

    "You're hobets? A hobo is a mans job!"
    That's a little sexist, Uncle Andy. Girls can be homeless too.

    Great, more hippies show up in their hippy van! Say, I wonder what the gems looked like in the 70's...


    Hey, everyone's getting along pretty well!

    It's a hug, guys! You've all done it before!

    Don't kill your new nephew!

    Yes, which of these gems is Steven's mom?

    Garnet. Yeah. Seems like the logical choice.

     Come on Andy, you can't be a rockstar with the last name Deemayo, can you?


    "Like candy on some kind of candy giving out holiday!"
    Yeah, because there is no Halloween in the Steven Universe so... Yeah, whatever kind of holiday you'd give out candy. That is not Halloween.

    Well you see, none of them are my wives but they’re all Steven’s moms because his real mom died. All five of them. Well, there’s six but you know what I am done explaining.
    Wait, did Peridot get shorter?

    "You couldn't even marry an American!"
    Hey, Uncle Andy, maybe don't be uh... don't be so harsh.

     Phew, good thing you resolved everything, Steven! There’s only a minute left of this episode. What’s that? Half hour special? OH!

    The baby is about to rage!

    "I'll give your coven a chance and eat your dinner!"
    Yeah, after Greg became a rockstar, he joined an alien convent.

    Dang, how did they grow those crops so fast though?

    Noooo not Pumpkin!

    So I can either bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute? HOW ABOUT 4,000,000 DEGREES FOR 1 SECOND???

    Peridot is so adorable and proud of herself!

     Wait, is he washing the veggies in the lake?

    They are not amused that Andy is not amused by their intuitive and genius oven!

    When you’re at a family gathering and two relatives start fighting but you haven’t even served food yet so neither of them can storm out, also it’s the holidays and could you maybe put your differences aside?

     I guess after that first road trip, Garnet insists on riding on the roof.

     This is what Rose was trying to achieve when she created a half human child. Using your gem powers in monotonous human ways to accomplish simple tasks. 

    Geez, how much bread do the gems need?

    Wow, I can't believe Cartoon Network came up with the solution for all our shipping problems! Everybody should just marry each other!


    Congratulations Andy! You were born! Probably like more than 40 years ago but hey! Never too late to celebrate. Maybe they should have gone for a birthday balloon instead?

    Oh. Didn't realize Andy was getting that old...

    Aww, she's so happy to be relating to humans!

    Woah hey, seems like a little bit of baldness runs in the family.

    Ah yes, the family tradition of sitting down to a nice meal at harvest time that is definitely not Thanksgiving.

    So what do I do with this?

    My favorite holiday tradition is definitely passing a piece of cake around the table.
    Hey wait, I thought there was only supposed to be veggies! Where did a turkey come from?

    After which a cousin burps a purple flame.

    What did I say before? THEY'RE OUT THERE!

     Nothing like being with family for the holidays!

    Inside jokes are the best! Especially when everybody else can understand them except for the new guy! Hilarious!

     I use humor to cope with my crippling depression.

     I’m so dead inside.

    "I got yo numbah!"

    Peace and Love, Earthlings!

     Don’t start a grease fire you can’t finish!

     Relatives, am I right? You try to leave and they just want to hold you back and talk your ear off!

     Lapis, you could look a little more enthusiastic!

     Goodbye, Steven.

    Don't leave him Lapis!

    R.I.P. Steven. Lapis abandoned him.

    Steven, you can't just high five a plane!

     I ain’t cryin’! You’s cryin”!

    That adorable smile could win anyone over!

    Hey, don't teach that baby to say "clod"! That's a naughty word!

    Aww, I like that Pearl was trying to apologize! She's trying to be more considerate to humans overall. Nice.

    "WOW THANKS for the barn!"
    Hey, she remembered to thank Unlce Andy!

    Family will drive you crazy, but they're worth it.

    Even the freaks of nature parts of the family.

     Pumpkin, why did you have that in your mouth?

     Man, I love when my dog throws up something he shouldn't have eaten. Really hilarious.

    And we end the episode with a disturbed uncle.

    Lets end this followup on a positive note:

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