• Little Ursa at Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con Recap

    Hello all! Little Ursa here to give you my convention recap for Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con! Did you happen to be there? Well, if not, I was able to snag a number of photos for all of ya'll, with including photos of Steven Universe cosplays and others! I will also be having a post of just the cosplay gathering a little later. Feel free to check the photos below and follow me on my convention experience!

    Los Angeles, California had it's biggest pop-culture convention ever this past weekend with a record-breaking 91,000 attendees. Growing from a small convention five years ago, the convention has grown to be the largest comic convention in Los Angeles and is steadily growing larger.

    Starting off on Friday, the day was very calm and almost empty when I arrived around 2 PM. Perhaps folks just wanted to take it easy in getting to the con. I cosplayed as Panda from We Bare Bears and took it easy, mostly chatting with friends I only get to see at cons and do some shopping. The exhibit hall didn't open up until 5 PM, so I had plenty of time to catch up.

    #bearstack indeed.

    I wasn't the only one cosplaying on Friday. In fact, one of the first cosplays I ran into was a Steven!

    Finally, someone I can believe in.

    And plenty of other cosplays followed after that:

    Ms. Marvel and Captain Marvel taking a moment to pose for photos.

    Just because she has to fight the likes of McCree and Reaper doesn't mean Mei can't be stylish.

    I would love to hear Peridot's opinion of Earth conventions.

    I wonder where Mystery Girl got that cute bag.

    I can understand Beast Boy being at the convention, but Raven?

    The next day was Saturday, the biggest day of the convention. I mean, look at this:

    Storm the gates!

    The amount of people that flooded inside was just amazing. I was also impressed with the order that the con had with the lines and getting people inside the convention center and into the exhibit hall.

    This could have gotten a lot uglier, seeing how Bane was in line.

    And just like with every day of the convention, there are plenty of cosplayers to go around! I myself was cosplaying as Steven!

    Quite a groovy cosplay.

    Her movie isn't even out yet, but Moana is still gracing us with her presence.

    Molly is representing the Roanoke Cabin of the Lumberjanes.

    Looks like Jake and Lady Rainicorn are out for a fun date!

    Would you like to engage in combat?

    Stevonnie seems to be traveling light for a convention as big as this one.

    Ah! A strange creature!

    Oh, it's just Soup

    Five-year old me is freaking out right now.

    Stan Lee on the main stage, causing everyone to flock to see the legend himself.

    Overwatch trick-or-treaters! Just trying nerfing that D.Va!

    Showstopper Rose? A very slick cosplay!

    You should have seen how tightly all three of them were hugging Lion!

    Looks like Peri has been taking some music lessons from Steven!

    You best be careful, Soldier 76 and Ana both got you in their sights.

    It's great when you run into cosplay friends at cons, and even better when your cosplays match up.

    How could Ronaldo not be at the convention?

    Ronaldo had to really to get a photo of my cat fingers for his blog!

    Some of the gals of Overwatch were nice enough to pose for a photo.

    Mei was casual today, and showing off a very fitting backpack.

    Rose happily stopping for a photo and showing her lovely dress.

    I know Pearl isn't totally knowledgeable about Earth stuff, but you think she would know how to shave.

    Looks like the wandering samurai Usagi Miyamoto has found his way to the convention.

    Lapis looks great with that water cape of hers.

    Battle ready Stevonnie!

    The Voltron crew, ready for action!

    I will be good and forego the cold puns.

    My friend's Lando cosplay works every time.

    I haven't seen this particularly Peri since January, and it was great seeing them again!

    Had to get this photo of me as Steven and the awesome Steven jacket.

    These little Adventure Time cosplayers loved my Steven cosplay and Lion so much!

    The end of the busiest day of the con.

    Finally, Sunday is usually a relaxed day for most folks. You buy those items you have been thinking about buying but wanted to wait on it, you get those last minute autographs you were thinking about, or in my case, you bring out your A-game for your cosplay!

    So are we here to play ball or what?

    When I got there, I mostly got photos taken of me, including a few from my friend.

    I came here to hit homeruns and chew bubble gum....

    Batter up

    After wandering around and getting my photo taken, I ran into something I was secretly hoping for....

    Play ball.

    I had to recreate one of my favorite scenes from that episode.

    While waiting for the gathering, I ran into other great cosplayers, including a friend:

    I always run into this guy at cons, and we just love to get shots together like this.

    And one very spunky princess:

    And a Pokémon that was ready to Smash:

    You might be sneaky, buy can you stand up against my Lucas game, Greninja?

    After the Steven Universe meet up, I had to get a photo with my of my cosplay friends and idols, Hello KoKo Cosplay.

    Amethyst is Ame-BEST!

    And with Sunday drawing to a close, I headed home with my convention haul.

    Who knows, maybe I'll share images from that zine I bought.

    And that will do it for my convention recap for Stan Lee's Los Angeles Comic Con! Did you happen to go? Share your experience!