• A Brief Review of Crewniverse Jaspers

    Are you a Jasper lover? Do you miss her? Then you're going to love this analysis post kleine-motte put together, examining how different members of the Crewniverse draw our big cheeto puff!

    Rebecca Sugar:


    The one drawn by the showrunner herself, so she’s consistently good. She’s got the big ol’ round crazy eyes and it’s adorable. Lots of toothy smiling. The most approachable Jasper :3

    Joe Johnston:


    The kitty cat. Her eyes are incredible and expressive and they glow in the dark. Floof game is set to 1111. Teeth are big and round like oven-fresh sweet Hawaiian rolls. One of the better Jaspers!

    Jeff Liu:


    The Jasper that accidentally became internet famous b/c she’s in Garnet’s music video. Roughly drawn b/c she’s in a lot of action sequences. Perma-angry eyes. Always clenching her teeth for some reason?

    Paul Villeco:


    Oh god, the worst Jasper. Never on model. Chin is John Kerry-levels of huge. Her head is a cylinder and her neck is a tree trunk. This Jasper shows up the most because Paul boards most of the Jasper episodes. At least she wears the eyeliner??

    Colin Howard:


    THIS is the best Jasper omg. Tony the Tiger levels of wholesome. Her muscles are swole and luxurious. Her face is the visual equivalent of the song “Ave Maria”. This is the Jasper that makes me wish she was in every episode of the show. She has like 1000 teeth and it reminds me I need to floss mine every day.

    Amber Cragg:


    This is the Jasper that made me call someone who isn’t my actual mother “mom” for the first and only time in my life.  Her jawline is flawless and strong and perfectly proportioned. Probably the sexiest Jasper. I need more Amber!Jasper I’m obsessed. 14/10

    Takafumi Hori:


    Anime Jasper. Uniform is now a kamui. She’s only in the show for several seconds. Wouldn’t mind seeing her again b/c I love Studio SHAFT. 

    In conclusion: not enough Jaspers. Please put her back in the show so I can make this review longer!!! D:

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