• Analysis: Gem Cuts

    An Amethyst is just an Amethyst, a Peridot is just a Peridot. Right? Well, turns out, Homeworld has a neat way of giving everyone an individual name. Not only did Amethyst find out who she was as an individual, but she met the rest of her Kindergarten sisters. So with a family on Earth and a family now in space, will Amethyst again feel conflicted about where she belongs?

    It’s pretty great how the exact same action–naming their identification code–has the complete opposite meaning for these characters. 
    For Peridot, it’s a sudden sharp reminder that to Homeworld, she isn’t special; she’s one of thousands or millions of Peridots, and her individuality is meaningless. Her time with the Crystal Gems has made her feel unique and welcome, but that won’t last if she goes back to her home planet. She’s not just Peridot, she’s a Peridot. 
    For Amethyst, it’s an exciting revelation that she has a place, an identity, in this world and family that she never had the chance to know. Even as a member of the Crystal Gems she’s always felt like an outcast and a misfit, but know she knows EXACTLY where she came from. She’s not just Amethyst, she’s THIS Amethyst!

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