• Analysis: "You're the ONE good thing that came out of this mess."

    The Kindergarten. A place of doom and gloom that was condemned by the Crystal Gems. A place that Amethyst was ashamed to have come from. A place that produced bad gems like Jasper. Right? Well, according to recent episodes, apparently wrong. Here's a neat analysis about what this could mean for the series going forward!

    So in the latest bomb we finally meet the Quartz survivors of the war. The only surviving Quartz in the war are 33 Amethysts (including our own) 7 Jasper's (including our own) and 1 Carnelian...That's 41 Quartz soldiers.....out of what I assume was thousands...(it's pretty much confirmed that Quartz were the main soldiers that HW used in the war as we can see by flashbacks). And I'm 99% sure that these are the only survivors left as it is strongly implied by Holly Blue Agate's dialogue (with Jasper being an anomaly).
    Anyways, we know that Rose, Garnet, Bismuth, Pearl and the rest of the CG's were responsible for wiping out most of the soldiers, and I'm quite confident that many were shattered as well since the CG's did have someone like Bismuth fighting for them, some were corrupted too. Anyways what I'm trying to say is that the CG's dehumanized them to cope and not feel guilt over the war and also taught Amethyst that they were bad gems which played a role in her self hatred.
    "What? You mean about the bad thing? How this bad place is where bad Gems came to grow more bad Gems? Is that what you're talking about?"
    "Oh, but don't worry, Steven. Everything's just fine now. It all worked out. We won! And we shut this place down so the Earth would be safe from parasites like me!"
    "You're the one good thing that came out of this mess."
    And we finally meet the other byproducts of this "mess" and see that they're all friendly, sociable and even help the CG's and take in Amethyst like she's one of their own.
    I hope it helps Steven learn that things are even more greyer than how the CG's made it out to be.

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