• Nightly Discussion #568

    Let's carry on the discussion from the new poll on the side! Should We Allow Discussion of Steven Bomb 5 on ALL BCB Posts? In addition to that, should we go ahead and release our Episode Followups? There is conflicting information as to whether or not the release of the episodes was accidental or intentional. But regardless of that, spoilers about everywhere. In gif sets on Tumblr, in thumbnails on YouTube. Escaping spoilers for a few days hasn't been so bad in the past, but we still have more than 3 weeks to go until the originally scheduled airdate. So what should BCB do? Should we just go whole hog and not count anything relating to the new Steven Bomb as spoilers? Or should we keep all the content coming out hidden until the official airdate? We'd like to get your feedback!

    Twitter: Emerald