• Fan Theory: 'The Answer' Took Place Before Pink Diamond Was Shattered

    The Diamonds, the most powerful of all gems, and yet, one was defeated by a single rebel gem. No one would have thought this possible until it happened. Why was one Diamond enough? Why Pink Diamond specifically? And why were none of the other Diamonds around to stop it? Why did no Sapphire predict it? What went so wrong?

    I keep seeing theorists on Tumblr and Youtube say that ‘The Answer’ took place after PD was shattered, to a point people accept it as a fact. I personally don’t believe that’s the case, and here’s why: BISMUTH.

    Bismuth clearly knew Garnet. And in her final confrontation with Rose (right before she was bubbled the first time) she was arguing with her about Breaking point. She clearly didn’t know (and still doesn’t know) that Rose shattered Pink Diamond. Otherwise, she would’ve brought it up to Steven when she was yelling at ‘Rose’ in their second confrontation- however, she did mention ‘shattering all the diamonds and freeing everyone’ as a part of her plan. Plus, she said that when she introduced Rose to Breaking Point Rose said that ‘no one deserves this’ (Steven says the same thing). Wouldn’t it be completely meaningless if she had already shattered PD?

    I don’t think Rose shattering Pink Diamond was a secret to any gem during the war. Bismuth not knowing about it means it hadn’t happened yet, at that point. therefore, Bismuth was bubbled before Pink Diamond was shattered. Rose refused the Breaking Point, but later, maybe, had to use it - what would explain how she even managed.

    That means, the events of The Answer- Ruby and Sapphire first fusing and Garnet joining the CG- happened before Pink Diamond was shattered. That’s the only way Bismuth could’ve been aware of Garnet and become friends with her.

    As to why Blue Diamond was on Earth while PD was still alive?

    Add to this the fact that there’s no way on earth (pun a happy accident) someone as powerful as Blue Diamond would have run away from Pink Diamond’s murderers as she did in The Answer. I also think she would have been more upset about the rebels getting away and not so upset at Ruby for fusing with a member of her court. Finally, Blue Diamond turned up with diplomats rather than soldiers - if she was dealing with people willing and able to shatter a diamond, I don’t think much diplomacy would have been going on. She was lightly guarded in an open social gathering - this isn’t how someone would act of they felt directly threatened.

    Thinking back in it, the reason BD stayed away from the rebels was because of Sapphire’s vision. Sapphire said the rebels will be captured after she would poof. So BD waited for this scenario to happen. Sapphire never mentioned Blue herself would get involved in the fighting- and you bet that if she’d seen it, she would’ve told BD about it. BD didn’t want to disturb Sapphire’s vision, and that’s why she was so pissed when Ruby did. And later on, when grieving at PD’s palanquin, she says “I should’ve done more”. Maybe she’s regretting not destroying the rebels herself when she had the chance?


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