• Nightly Discussion #617

    Also this… is oooooooooold, really really old. I know my silly brain is running around screaming, but I just reminded myself that I’d drawn Peri making stuff from chunks ‘o hand ship. And seeing that bright green sword made me think OMG yay what if Peri builds a buncha crap for Ronaldo? eeee….

    New Crystal Gems. Looks like the Crystal Gems are on a recruitment drive! Not only did they recruit Connie, Peridot, Lapis, and Pumpkin, but they also (temporarily) recruited Bloodstone! It's open enrollment in the temple as long as you can convince Steven you want in, and can convince Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl that you want in for the right reasons. Do you think any other citizens of Beach City and the surrounding area would want to become Crystal Gems? Do Dr. or Mr. Maheswaran want to take up arms and defend their planet alongside Connie? Would Lars, Sadie, Vidalia or Barb be up to the task? The Cool Kids must be honorary Crystal Gems already, right?