• Episode Followup: Room for Ruby

    Which Ruby are you?? 🔴 And which Ruby makes a guest appearance on tonight’s new SU at 7:30P EST?
    Episode time! Ruby is a cutie-patootie! And look at the wealth of Rubies we have to choose from. How are they going to make room for all these Rubies? Let's find out!

    "I wished for another shooting star so that you could make a wish."
    Garnet you are so adorable. The moments Garnet spends alone with Steven where she can just take the time to be Square Mom are all fantastic.

    "Is that star... screaming?"
    And it's one heck of a scream, too! Then again, if you were falling from space as a giant ball of fire, you'd probably be screaming just as loud. If you could. Man, not even most rocks can survive falling from space. Sounds like a good way to crack your gem. Rubies are tough!

    "All the other Rubies are mean to me." 
    Wait, wait, you can't mean this. Doc and Eyeball being mean to you I can get. But Army was so happy to see you in space! And Leggy? I refuse to believe that the pure and innocent Leggy could be mean to anyone.

    "And y'know, a Ruby falling from the sky, discovering this beautiful world? Sounds a lot like a story you told me once!" "Oh stop!"
    Garnet is so proud of her origin story. Though, if my parents were star-crossed lovers who were forced to flee an oppressive regime and made me out of their pure love, I'd probably be pretty proud too. Garnet is awesome.

    Ah yes, Navy will fit right in at the Universe Home for Wayward Gems.

    "Finally, there's a star to wish on!"
    Were you three up all night looking for stars to wish on? That's adorable. This whole episode is adorable! I blame Pumpkin.

    "Hiiii! I'm Navy, a refugee from Homeworld, just like you guys!"
    Oh, she called herself Navy! Then Gems don't seem to mind using nicknames. I wonder why they don't use them more often? I mean she's not the first one we've seen...

    "New Barney!"
    Peridot is really eager to share the barn with more gems, isn't she? But I sympathize with Lapis here. Getting a new roommate means you have to spend a lot of time with them, so it's best to get to know them first. Also it means Lapis would get less alone time with Peridot

    "Steven, this makes no sense. Why would she wanna live here? We've been awful to her. She must hate us!"
    Lapis is immediately suspicious of Navy, but really, who can blame her? Homeworld's done nothing but lie to and imprison her ever since she was broken out of that mirror. Though, I guess all she's done is lie to and imprison Navy... The little time-out bubble is cute though.

    "Ok... Ok. I'll give it a try." 
    Determined Lappy! It doesn't rhyme, but it's nice to see her put some conviction behind her actions now and again. And hey, if it doesn't work out, you're a Lapis Lazuli. You can probably launch Navy back into space atop a column of water with a wave of your hand.

    Man, most teachers can only dream of having a student this engrossed in what they're learning.

    And Steven joins in! I like the little moments where the other characters join Navy in her love for the Earth.

    “Navy chillin on Earth ”
    "Wheee! Oh-ha ha! The sky is crying!"
    Looks like Peridot's over her fear of rain (and lookin' stylish)! And I guess Lapis can make it rain anytime she wants. Makes sense, if her purpose is to terraform. I wonder if she's ever sat in her own rainstorm to brood?

    "Whoa, what's this for?" "That's a hammock. It's a bed you fall out of."
    That is the perfect description of a hammock. Peridot has a wonderful way with words!

    "I don't have to do it, but I like to do it. Y'know, turn off for a bit and-" "Snore! Like this..." 
    Lapis sleeps! I suppose it's almost like meditation to a gem. She can finally relax and be free from her thoughts for a few hours. I have to admit, as one who sleeps almost every day, it's pretty nice! Also Peridot watches Lapis sleep often enough to be able to mimic her snoring

    "Don't bother talking to the corn. It can't hear you." "Plants may seem strange to you at first, but don't worry. You don't have to love everything right away."

    I think this is a perfect example of the different ways Lapis and Peridot (best face) approach coming to terms with the weirdness of Earth.

    Lapis: Plants are super weird and they made me uncomfortable but I spent enough time around them and now I'm kind of used to them and their weirdness.
    Peridot: I tried talking to the plants and found out they can't communicate. That's cool. Now I help them grow because I can.

    Pictured: The carrots vote Navy in as Queen of Plants, 5 to 2.

    “Navy chillin on Earth ”
    "I... love... PUMPKIN!"
    Who wouldn't? But wow, Navy loves everything about Earth, doesn't she? This is gonna be the easiest reformation ever.

    Oh hey, Navy's top is backless. It looks like it doesn't even go around her neck at all. Cosplayers, take note. Who can fathom Homeworld fashion?

    No Lapis, please put Pumpkin down before getting mad.

    Pictured: Lapis Lazuli informs Navy that if she likes the Earth so much, she should bury herself in it.

    Remember what Peridot was like when she first appeared? Yeah, now she rubs her face in the dirt for fun. Character development!

    Aww look at this gang of smols. Navy fits right in! She's going to make a great Crystal Gem.

    "I think, even if I really tried, that's the one thing I can't do."
    A Ruby that can't get mad? Is... is Navy defective? Because if so then she should really join the Crystal Gems! Don't tell Yellow Diamond that she can't get mad!

    Oh hey I wonder if that's the trash can lid Peridot tweeted about. These magnetic powers are pretty powerful if she can bootstrap herself. Sooner or later she might be able to fly by holding a quarter in her pocket!

    "I just don't get it. Why is it so easy for her when it was so hard for me?"
    Don't be so hard on yourself, Lapis. You and she had different experiences. Your welcome to Earth was being punched in the back, locked in a mirror, interrogated, and then abandoned for millennia. Navy's first words we ever heard her speak were "What a lovely planet!"

    "Wow, I didn't even notice it there!"
    Ha ha, oh Navy, you're so oblivious! It's pretty hard to believe someone would overlook that so easily!

    "This is perfect! The Crystal Gems finally have a pilot!"
    Peridot and Lapis are just hanging out together in the background, watching the Earth go by out the window. I wonder what Peridot's doing over there? Maybe some vital ship function?

    Nope! Just holding Pumpkin in her lap. This episode is so adorable!

    "Uh, you mean the one right here?" "Yeah, that's the one!" "I'm gonna press it!"
    Why not ask what the button does first, Steven? Remember the last time you pressed buttons on this ship without knowing what they do?

    "The only thing wrong is that you're still holding on! Oh-ho-ho-ho!"
    It was all a trick! Navy is far more clever than she seems! But then again, her gem is on her belly after all. If gems with the same gem placement share traits, then maybe belly-gems are ones to beware...

    "I could have done that, but then I would never've gotten to see the look on your face when you were tricked by your favorite little Ruby! Ha-ha!"
    Wow, and far more sadistic than she seems! But I guess she has the right... after all, the Crystal Gems tricked the Rubies twice and then abandoned them to rot in the depths of space! Steven, if you had only fulfilled your promise like we all wanted you to this wouldn't have happened!

    Oh crap, Lapis is La-pissed. Punch it Navy, you're about to have an unscheduled landing!

    "I was right! No one can be that well-adjusted!"
    Or she's just gonna laugh it off! She must feel pretty relieved that the person whose behavior was making her question her own mental health turned out to be a con job. Still, there are well-adjusted people out there, I hope Lapis isn't just automatically suspicious of them now.

    I believe Garnet used future vision to view different futures that Navy could take, and Ruby thought Navy would stay while Sapphire thought that she’d leave
    "It was still worth a shot."
    Did Garnet not use her future vision to see Navy was pulling a fast one? I mean after all, Steven did ask her to close all her eyes at the start of the episode. Or was there actually a chance that Navy was really going to want to stay? I wonder if internally, Ruby was predicting the red balloon's outcome, and Sapphire was predicting the blue one's. Aw Sapphire, don't you hate being right all the time?

    And another run-in with the Rubies ends poorly. At least it was fun while it lasted. Oh well, this can't be the end. Navy's probably off to rescue her squad, and then what? We'll see them again. And I'll see you again in the lead-up to the next exciting episode of Steven Universe!