• What Gives Rebecca Sugar and Shelby Rabara Hope?

    AutoStraddle took to the GLAAD Awards to get a few words from some of the nominees. Check out the answers from Sugar herself, as well as voice of Peridot Shelby Rabara, below! Hit up the link for more interviews as well!

    Rebecca Sugar:
    YOU give me hope! This! My wonderful friends and family that acknowledge that I exist. The chance to get to make art that is a reflection of the truth. I feel like as long as we continue to have that opportunity, we’re moving — this is going on, the world is demanding interesting stories that are about the real world, now more than ever. They’re demanding that entertainment be good and that it be interesting because it’s real and people want human stories and there are humans here that have stories that should be told.

    Shelby Rabara:
    LGBTQIA representation in childrens media, actually, gives me hope. I’m in the show Steven Universe, I play Peridot, and we’re nominated for best comedy series tonight and I think being on a show like that gives me hope because we’re educating young kids that it’s okay to be different, and it’s okay to love someone of your same gender, and it’s okay to identify as different gender identities. Working with Rebecca Sugar and the rest of the Steven Crewniverse gives me hope. When I’m recording, it’s not just a voiceover job. I feel like I’m really adding to a show that is really making a difference. So I think being a part of Steven Universe really keeps me going and it really gives me hope because I had so many kids come up to me at Comic Con and say to me thank you so much for your work, we really identify with Peridot, we identify with her angry outbursts because she says whatever she wants. Just being a part of a show that has so much children’s visibility with the subjects we cover gives me so much hope, and that makes it easy to wake up every day in this current climate.

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