• Episode Followup: Are You My Dad? / I Am My Mom

    Thank Cheez-its and memes and everything holy. Finally after two "fillery" episodes we get the two connected ones.

    ♫Hey, Mr. Postman, bring me a post! Bring me the post that I love the most!♫
    Strange...Where are those khakis?

    Then Armrest goes all Jack and the Beanstalk on him.

    And our other two gay rocks make a home for crabs, because why not? Or maybe they are trying to make up for the damage they made on earth?

    As Steven takes a little stroll to the Big Donut we find out something we FOR SURE weren't expecting

    Cause: We see Steven trying to break into the big doughnut.
    Effect: Steven gets jump-scared by a familiar woman who makes copies of her daughter's keys.

    Eyyyyy its pretty ded.
    *Insert "Don't Let Your Kids Watch It" meme here*


    Oh and just when you thought you could eat in peace.

    Its a mini Lapis.


    And the first scene back at the temple is art class. Let's take a break from the episode and see what our students can come up with.

    First up is Connie, and sweet Diamonds! Does she do commissions?

    Anthro gems foreshadowed???


    And the most-gay-of-them-all self portrait.
    Now back to your rock show.

    Nice, some Stevonnie moments! What more can I say here?

    Wait... DO YOU SEE THE LEAF?
    The resemblance is real.

    And Connie crushes the leaf. Is this foreshadowing Lapis's shattering? Was that the gem Steven was holding in that one possible leak? I will leave that to just sink in...



    She found one! She found a Connie!

    Hey, another new friend!

    Well, there's my daily dose of disturbing.

    That moment when you try to save her but you're inconveniently stuck inside a log.

    When the whole fandom wanted new fusions, this is what we got.

    Well, there goes Connie.

    Now Steven is triggered AF.

    Spoilers: Aquamarine is the devil.

    Wait, if she can freeze anyone in their place, doesn't that make her a bit of a Mary Sue?


    Bai Felica!

    Now for the FINAL episode of season four, and boy did we get a goodie!

    Go, Steven!!! Tell those gems everything!

    A trip to Funland at sundown to fight some gems sounds like a deal!

    Its probably a better idea to stick together when we've got a Mary Sue on our hands.

    Alone Together soundtrack for ringtone is goals.

    Oh crap.

    The face of pure memes.

    When you think you know what you're doing, then you realize...


    The ship blends in so well with Funland. So does that mean it was always there?

    WELCOME HOME!!! Well, until you reach Homeworld where you will probably be going to Gem Death Row.
    I like how Aqua refers to them as "this mess."

    That's the work of Steven alright!

    And our boy swoops right in to fight!

    Connie is right. They should have fused, because two kids in a trenchcoat is better than just two kids.

    Gotta feel bad for Sadie. Hopefully Lars will step up and save her.

    Oh. Well never mind.

    Yes! Good one Sadie!
    Wait, what's rocking the ship?


    So... I guess were taking a jump. Or a dive, in Onion's case.

    Mary Sue's back at it again.

    Steven has had enough!

    He is going to turn himself in, isn't he?

    Damn right he is!

    I'm sure its safe to say this was everyone's reaction.

    "No, don't you dare!"

    "...I love you."

    Well that was something! I swear, even the fifth time I watched this, the end just got to me. Well, RIP until season five.