• Episode Followup: Doug Out

    ✨ Doug Out ✨
    No, we didn't get the baseball episode some of us were expecting. Instead, we got our first good look at Connie's dad, Doug Maheswaran! I'd say it's long overdue. It's good to know Greg isn't the only great dad on this show! Let's dive in!

    “Steven: And Tell Ronaldo that I hope his weird rash clear up soon.
Uh… ok? Moving on, I guess.
If his weird rash turns out to be plot relevant, I would be so mad.
    "Oh, and tell Ronaldo I hope his weird rash clears up soon!"
    Throwaway line, or π’»π‘œπ“‡π‘’π“ˆπ’½π’Άπ’Ήπ‘œπ“Œπ’Ύπ“ƒπ‘”? 

    It seems like everyone wants big revelations and action-packed episodes, but y'know, it's good to see these characters relaxing and just taking the time to be kids. Especially since this is a Stevenbomb that ends in a two-parter and chances are things are about to hit the fan big time.

    "Hey kid! Drop those fry bits! Drop 'em!" "Oh no, it's the cops!"
    Oh, that was sooner than expected. Hey waiiiittt a minute, I'd recognize that coat anywhere! (And I think Steven does too. He's just playing along!)

    "Come on Connie, I almost had him!"
    Whoa, check out Ridiculously Photogenic Dad over here.

    "Respectfully, fry bits are not garbage."
    I love how Steven immediately went into don't-upset-her-dad mode.

    "And how's my swashbuckling swashbuckler doing?" "I'm good!"
    Huh, and he just casually brings up Connie's sword-fighting. Does that mean he's ok with it? Does he know exactly what she's been up against?

    "The private security company I work for got a call from a Mr. Harold Smiley stating that someone's been lurking around Funland after hours."
    Oh crap! Run Peridot, they're onto you!

    “Mr. Maheswaran: I’ll be here all night. On… A STAKEOUT! ” Where has this glorious man been this whole time?
    And he can do the anime glasses thing. Now we know why Connie's mom fell for him.

    "Protecting the citizens of Beach City. Just like you guys!"
    Ok, so he does know! And he's fine with this? Is this the same old protective Doug we saw in Fusion Cuisine?

    Onion's just like "eh, that's fair." He's so polite for a flagrant rule-breaker.

    "So, y'all ready for this?"

    "Hey Steven, you wanna help ruin some teen's night?" "Always!"
    But Steven, you know all the teenagers in Beach City!

    "I'm sure you guys do lots of waiting when you're saving the world. It can't be all bam-pow action all the time!"
    Ok yeah no, that confirms it. Doug Maheswaran knows exactly what Connie is doing with that sword and he's completely at peace with it. Wow!

    "Veronica Cucamonga!"
    That's perfect! Where's the theme song? Do it, Rockapella!

    "It's-a me, Peter Pizzapopolis! From Italia!"
    You could've resolved the whole Greek/Italian thing by just saying you come from Brooklyn instead.

    "Being a security guard is no joke! Which is why they equip us with these." "Wow, a flashlight!" "Yeah. It gets pretty dark out there."
    You might laugh, but those flashlights are ultra durable and heavy. That thing's filled with D-cell batteries! If it hits you, it's gonna hurt!

    "How on Earth did this happen? If this were some punk with a pair of bolt cutters, this would be a clean cut! But this chain looks like it was torn apart! This was no kid."
    Yeah uh speaking of "no kid" how about sending Steven and Connie home? And then calling for backup, because it looks like you may be in over your head here. I can think of a few things that can do that to a fence, and the only good options are Greg's Van and Peridot abusing her metal powers.

    "It's up to us to find out! Sounds like we'd better investigate. Cucamonga? Pizzapopolis?"
    Or you can just run in I guess. Steven's got his bubble and shield if you get into the deep stuff.

    "You need a license to operate a deep fryer?"
    Steven is finding out about how many laws he breaks on a daily basis.

    Doug Dad: The new action hero!
    There's your bam-pow action. Sweet moves, cop dad!

    "Besides, a good security guard only needs their trusty flashlight!"
    Yeah? Why, what's that gonna do? Shine them into submission?

    "Oh no!" "The laws of physics!"
    I take it back, that was a pretty impressive throw. That plan almost worked! Ah well, at least its failure gave us one of the best lines in the show's history.

    Action Flashlight Go!
    Plan B on the other hand was not very well-thought-out.

    "Hey, this part isn't moving at all!"
    ... Then why didn't throwing the flashlight work? Come to think of it, shouldn't throwing the flashlight have worked even if the entire floor was spinning? Unless... the walls were magnetized! Peridot must be behind this! She's just pulling a prank!

    Wow, you trashed that ride, Steven. That door is supposed to open inward. You do realize there was a Door Open button on that control panel, right? Ah well, blame it on the fence-wreckers I suppose.

    "You've endangered an officer of the law and two small children!"
    Hey whoa whoa cop dad, you're the one who brought the two small children on a stake-out.

    "Homeworld? Gem? Mutant? I... uh... Well, whatever it is, if someone's trespassing, they'll have to answer to me!"
    Look, I know you're putting on a brave face for Connie and Steven but this could be serious, Doug! Maybe lose the flair for the dramatic and come back with reinforcements, huh?

    That shadow... it is Peridot! I knew it! She's here to steal all the plush aliens!

    "That's a lot of gumball!"
    Connie must've seen the Cartoon Network upcoming schedule. Not that that's a bad thing.

    These two are so cute together. Just be careful! You might not want to accidentally fuse in front of Connie's dad. He probably won't take it as well as Greg did.

    It's Peridot, I knew it! Wait, Onion!? I guess we should've known. Onion is pretty high on the list of destructive forces in Beach City after all.

    "My job isn't like the exhilarating adventures you've been having with Steven, or the life-threatening emergencies your mom deals with at the hospital. The most action I see is telling kids to quit loitering around. I was hoping maybe you'd get to see me take on a serious job, but... I guess all I'm good at is being your silly old dad."
    Aww Doug, not everyone gets to save the world. There's plenty of jobs that need to be done, and you're doing yours well! Mostly. Y'know you really should talk to Greg. He's got that silly old dad thing down pat, and he's wonderfully at peace with it. This fandom likes to ship Pearlyanka (Pearl and Priyanka, Connie's mom), but maybe we should also friend-ship Groug (Greg and Doug). That would be great!

    "Thanks. You're a keeper, Veronica Cucamonga."
    From silly old dad to sweet old dad in 5 seconds flat.

    "And remember kid, no loitering!"
    Yeah ok that's a pretty nice pose, but are you just going to just leave Onion there? The fence is still broken and heck the lights are still on, he's just going to go back inside the park. Well, I guess he can't do any more damage than what's already be done... and hey, he listened to Mr. Maheswaran earlier; maybe he will go home! Yeah, Onion will probably be fine.