• Episode Followup: Wanted- PART 1- Stuck Together

    Here we go guys...it's gonna be a bumpy bumpy ride. And a long one! We'll be releasing the followup over the next four days so each episode gets fully covered! Starting with Stuck Together!
    Let's dive in below the cut!

    Aquamarine hardly hides her pleasure at capturing the notorious Rose Quartz.
    "At least everyone is safe...."
    Steven tells Aquamarine the deal is off. No humans allowed for intergalactic travel.
    Boo-Flipping-Hoo, Rosie.
    "Not again!!"
    Lars doesn't take well to being a seat cushion.
    Lars admits he ran and hid...both from the potluck, and from the action, resulting in his stowing away. 
    Topaz doesn't seem to be paying any attention to the boys' conversation.
    Aquamarine orders Topaz to fix the ship's engine to continue their trip.
    A relatable pose by Lars.
    Steven takes notice of some gem destabilizers, and gets an idea!
    "Lars remove my pants."
    "Steven, this is a children's show."
    "Why are they on the floor??"
    "I don't know. What are we doing in space??"
    Lars ties them into a lasso at Steven's command. Look how pleased he is.
    "And a one. And a two-"
    "AND A THREE."
    A+, Lars.
    Lars finally opens up to Steven. He's not a bad guy. He's just afraid.
    Steven is afraid too. And he doesn't want to really be alone.
    At this point, everything is bad, but they still have each other. 
    Topaz thinks their bond is so beautiful....

    She wants to help them escape! What a beautiful moment-
    Aw fish.
    They invite Aquamarine to open up about her feelings!
    Topaz say what
    Topaz has had enough of this Darla Dimple impersonator.
    Topaz may not be afraid of Aquamarine...but she is afraid of the Diamonds splitting her apart.
    Aqua once again has the upper hand.
    Composing herself, she agrees to let this slide so long as Topaz does the job.
    Splitting apart, the Topazes take Lars and Steven into separate but identical doorways, leaving us in suspense until the next episode....
    To be continued!