• Lion 4: Alternate Ending - Episode Discussion/Streams

    This is Ronaldo, reporting in. Yes, I'm Ronaldo again, not Bloodstone. I'm hoping we can put that chapter behind us. But in my continuing studies of the Crystal Gems, I've started to notice things. Things that maybe the SU fandom overlooked. Tonight's episode is all about the subject of my latest theory: Steven's Lion.

    We've all wondered about it ever since Buddy's Book. Buddy was dying in the desert and looked up to see Rose Quartz advancing on him with three lions and four tigers. In his delirium, he wrote seven lions. We know he's wrong though, because the flashback showed all seven creatures, and only three of them had big hair like lions. Also as we see from the flashback, not one of the lions is pink! I went down to the library myself and checked. No mention of a pink lion!

    The fandom has come up with many theories to explain this. Some say that one of the lions was pink, but wasn't shown as such due to an animation error. Others think that Rose tamed a corrupted gem into the form of a lion. Some go so far to say that Steven's Lion is somehow an offshoot of Rose Quartz, or the remains of Pink Diamond.

    But my theory is different. Where did Lion 4 come from? The clue is in the journal itself.  The page with the lion encounter ends with "Is this the end?" According to my theory, it was! That was the end of Buddy Buddwick's life... as a human! Rose Quartz saved his life by using as-yet-unseen powers to turn him into a lion. The fourth lion. The pink lion. The lion she would later pass on to Steven. Steven's Lion. She then wrote an alternate ending to Buddy's book, where she has him end his journey and return to Beach City to found a library. Beach City, where Rose Quartz and the Crystal Gems live. A little too convenient, isn't it?

    Now I know that sounds a bit far-fetched, but there's clues everywhere! At the beginning of the journal, Buddy spells both William Dewey's name and his own name wrong! This is because Rose Quartz wrote that page. The journal then goes on to claim that Buddy became an author, but has anyone ever read any other book by Buddy Buddwick? I haven't, and I go to that library at least once a year! Usually. When Lion delivers Steven and Connie to that library, Lion refuses to enter and walks the other way! Clearly, Buddy-Lion remembers his former life and knows the library is founded on a lie, but doesn't know how to tell Steven! What a cruel fate!

    It's also no coincidence that Jamie portrays Buddy in the episode. After all, Jamie and Lion have a bunch of connections. Who brings the Wacky Sack boxes Lion is so fond of lying in? Jamie. Unless it's Barb, but usually it's Jamie. Lion is used to carry stuff in his hair, and Jamie is used to carry stuff through the mail. In fact, Jamie and Lion have never been onscreen at the same time! How do you explain that? I was going to ask Jamie myself, but I couldn't find him.

    See for yourself when my latest rockumentary (that's what I call my documentaries about the Crystal Gems. Pretty clever, huh?) premiers at 7 PM ET/PT on Cartoon Network. If the Man prevents you from tuning in, there will be streams and download links listed after the break. What man would prevent you from watching? I don't know, maybe Steven. He might not appreciate my Lion theory.

    Wait a minute, if Steven inherited Rose Quartz's powers, do you think he might turn me into a lion or another animal for threatening to expose the terrible truth of his Lion? It's a risk, but I, Ronaldo Fryman, am prepared to face lionization to get the truth to you! No one is more dedicated to the truth than I!
    Ronaldo (potential lion) Fryman

    EDIT: People have informed me that the "tigers" are actually just female lions. Apparently only male lions have big hair. However, I don't think this materially alters my theory.

    As always, we'll turn you into a lion if you discuss any episode details in the comments before the episode airs. Some people haven't seen it yet. Don't spoil it for them!

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