• Creator Rebecca Sugar on What to Expect From the Soundtrack

    Even though the soundtrack is out now (and at #1 on the iTunes Album Charts!), here's an article from about a week ago with some more super cool info! The music in Steven Universe has so much heart and passion and relatability. It's really wonderful that Sugar collaborates so much with everyone who works on the show. It's like they all get to be a part of creating this beautiful show, and they all get to tell their stories and give their own input. It really makes for a show unlike any that has been seen on television before.

    Sometimes something is a very simple, relatable feeling, but when you say it out loud it's really complicated—especially when it comes to themes of loss and grieving. But there's a part of those feelings that is love and longing and deep respect. I think it's easy to say that so much better through music. There's a beauty you can express through music that you can't by just saying how you feel. We really lean into the optimism that can exist [in those feelings] even if it's just a glimmer on the surface of a difficult feeling.

    'Steven Universe' Creator Rebecca Sugar on What to Expect From the Soundtrack

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