• Emerald at MomoCon 2017!

    So, while Little Ursa was out cosplaying and attending all sorts of cool panels, Emerald also had an equally cool job at MomoCon. They spent the weekend tagging along with the voice of Pearl herself, Deedee Magno Hall, and helping out wherever she needed. I am still reeling from the absolutely amazing weekend, and it took me awhile to collect my thoughts.

    Deedee was one of the sweetest people I will ever meet in my entire life! The weekend was nothing short of life changing, and she was a huge part of that. It was really amazing to see all the fans that came out to meet her and the rest of the crew that was there. There were so many amazing cosplays to see, and so many people who were gushing about how SU changed their life! She was very impressed with how organized I was. I told her, "I just want to be a good Pearl!" and she said, "You ARE the best Pearl!" Seriously, it was adorable! A fan even asked Deedee to bless a sticker sheet of Pearl points and she did. "God bless these Pearl Points, may they go to their proper owners!" she said, laying hands on the paper.

    First of all, Michaela Dietz (voice of Amethyst) was next to Deedee's autograph signing table. So you can bet there were all sorts of shenanigans happening during the weekend! One time she leaned over and said, "I love how Deedee says stuff [to fans] like safe travels, and I'm like HEARTS AND FARTS YEAH!" Needless to say, Rebecca Sugar was spot on in her casting.

    Deedee was so sweet to every fan. If there is one Crewniverse member you can meet, make it her! (Unless you can meet Rebecca Sugar.) She took a picture of every single Pearl cosplayer who came to her table! Not only that, but she took a lot of pictures of other awesome Steven Universe cosplays as well. There was no shortage of fun pictures and videos going around the whole time!

    Don't get me started on the Pearl's Secret Rap Career Panel! It was hilarious from start to finish! Please hit up that link to go watch it for yourself. There were too many fun things that happened to even begin to talk about them all! Also, some highlights below.

    (Deedee started it)

    It wouldn't have been the Pearl's Secret Rap Career Panel without, you know, the rap!

    If we were walking in the halls and Deedee saw a cool cosplay, she almost always wanted to stop to get a photo. She would just drop all her stuff and whip out her phone. She was really cool and chill with everyone.

    She decided on a whim to crash a fan sing along panel. She stopped by during Giant Woman, and got right up on stage. Apparently, the Pearl cosplayer was delayed, so Deedee simply took her spot! It worked out perfectly! But, after the first song, she spotted an open seat in the front row, and sat down to jam with fans. She stayed there for two more songs, until it was decided it was time for It's Over, Isn't It? Deedee hopped back on stage for a riveting live performance, before taking her leave for the evening.

    Then there was the time that Deedee was busily signing something for a fan and chatting with them, and Michaela run behind the table and suddenly yells, "WHOMP WHOMP!" Of course, Deedee was surprised, but took it in stride, yelling back, "AMETHYST, CONTROL YOURSELF!" It was surreal to be there, in that moment. The crew are just a blast!

    As if that wasn't enough, just as the con was wrapping up, she decided to don Pearl's outfit, and head out to the con floor for some fun with Michaela! Selfies and shenanigans ensued!

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