• Season 6 a Possibility!

    The crew love to share photos of them both at work, and at play together! It also gives us a fun teaser when we see certain characters recording, gifting us with the knowledge that at the very least, we'll see whatever they're recording in about 8 months or so. But, in a recent tweet from the crew, we may have just gotten our first hint at season 6! Check below the break for the info!

    The third photo with Sugar and Osborne in it has a monitor mounted on the wall. The numbers 609 and 610 are on the screen. Usually, for any TV shows, these digits represent production codes. Could these numbers mean Season 6 Episode 9 and 10? Perhaps "Steven Universe" Season 5 is not the last of the installment after all.

    Source: ‘Steven Universe’ Season 5 Unlikely The Last Installment; Season 6 Teased

    Twitter: Emerald