• The Hidden Message in the Architecture of Steven Universe

    SU makes more headlines with this article from The Atlantic! Magic and modernization blend together seamlessly in SU. We visit long forgotten gem made buildings, then return to the human made Beach City. And yet, nothing feels out of place. A giant temple on the beach? Yep, fits right in! Check out the article for a full analysis on the beauty that is Steven Universe.

    Beach City, the show’s primary locale, for example, is inspired by the three Delaware beaches that the siblings grew up going to. According to Steven Sugar, its look came together after multiple research trips during preproduction. It wasn’t enough to just copy the basics of any beach town. “One of my goals while working on these backgrounds has always been to really capture what makes those buildings look like that part of the East Coast,” he says. “There were certain things we tried to always fall back to, like the look of the trees and that kind of stuff. We always wanted to make sure that the sun was rising over the ocean in the East.”

    The Hidden Message in the Architecture of Steven Universe

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