• Episode Followup: Raising the Barn

    Ooooooo it's another new storyboard artist! Amber Cragg used to be a storyboard revisionist on the show. Looks like she moved up! :D That title sounds really familiar though.

     I wish there was a bit of a better timeline to know how long it's been since Connie's been ignoring Steven.

    tfw your only friend won't call.

    Yeeeessss a new song!

    Oh no new song? Well, please don't be Ronaldo again!

    That is a perfect use of the alien emoji!

    Oh yeah. Steven has more friends than Connie. Maybe he could talk to them?

    "He's probably just ignoring us!" I mean she wasn't wrong.

    Even pumpkin is shocked that Steven ran from the Diamonds!

    Ya boy Steven saw the Diamonds and lived!

    Well, I guess that's the episode! And then we never saw Peridot and Lapis again!

    "The vegetables will have to deal because I'm certainly not."

    "Hey I don't want to leave Earth and am trying to give you hints but it's not working."

    Hey Lapis. Remember that time you almost drowned Steven and Connie? It's because HUMANS need to breath AIR.

    Lapis is mcfricking tired my dudes.

    So by "crimes" do you mean calling Yellow Diamond a clod? What else have you been up to?

    Yikes Lapis are you okay?

    Yeah I'm going with no. Not okay. Very not okay.

    I mean all Lapis did was get trapped in a mirror, right? That sucked but she wasn't really involved in the war. Or was she? Is this really just about the mirror thing?

    Yeah, if you leave the meep morps behind, they'll be destroyed along with the rest of the Earth when the Diamonds arrive!

    The meep morps seem really valuable to you, Peridot.

    "There's no need to get so emotional!" I mean... take a page from your own book? You're just going to up and leave the Earth with no plan. Nowhere to go and leaving most of your friends behind. You want to talk about emotions, Lapis?

    Hey whoa this got heavy. Peridot is apologizing for Lapis' outburst??? Maybe they should talk about it? I guess gems always do that thing where they don't talk about their problems or feelings and just ignore them.

    Just in case you forgot how powerful Lapis is and how she could probably hold her own against a Diamond.

    Well that was unexpected!

    "Now we can bring our whole life with us!" Lapis I'm pretty sure that wasn't the solution Peridot was looking for!

    WHAT THE HECKIE I thought you wanted to help and protect Steven as thanks for saving you?! You warned him against Homeworld. You ran to Earth as sanctuary after you were made a prisoner again. And now you're going to bail?

    Pumpkin knows she can't survive in space.

    Still our little gremlin with fantastically animated faces.

    That is not Pumpkin, but it'd probably fair better in space then fresh produce would.

     Steven if there's no wifi in space how does NASA send messages back to Earth? Lapis managed to send a message from Homeworld so there HAS to be ways to contact Earth from the void of space.

    "If the Diamonds do show up and destroy the planet, we'll never know!" So you aren't planning to like, visit?

    Bending over backwards is a very specific thing that makes Lapis happy. How do you even figure that kind of thing out?

    Peridot is being super considerate of Lapis and knowing that she needs consistency and little change. Even though uprooting their whole life is a big change. Especially right after Lapis got settled on Earth and was working to accept that she couldn't return to Homeworld.

    Noooo you dropped replacement Pumpkin!

    Yeah, that's kind of how the fandom felt when we first saw this little guy.

    "Is that my hat?!" HOW DID HE-

    Whoa hey be nice to Pumpkin MAYBE?!

    Steven: Hey maybe talk about your feelings with Lapis?

    Right. Peridot can't do that because gems don't do that ever.

    Lapis is having an especially fluffy hair day.

    Well, if you can't talk about your feelings I guess you'll just have to go live in space?

    "I don't want to go either." There it is!

    Lapis go easy on that barn. It still kind of belongs to Uncle Andy!

    Peridot is trying to say that when she's honest you get upset because she's hurting your feelings but when she isn't honest with you you also get mad about her not telling you the truth even though the truth also upsets you so it's a no win situation for her.

    Yes, it's a lot to take in.

    Is Lapis going to understand?

    Lot of emotions coming out right about now.

    Maybe you should just see a marriage counselor?

    Or Lapis could be a little more empathetic?


    How can you say "no" to that face?

    Hey remember that time you stole the entire ocean like couldn't you use that power to somehow combat the Diamonds and maybe save the planet you now call home?

    Or you could just storm off into of working through your emotions in a healthy way.

    Wait Lapis is still going to take the barn?!

    And all the things that Peridot mentioned were important to her?!

    Are you rethinking this situation? Because maybe you should be, Lapis.

    Come on, Steven freed you! At least stay for him?

    Annnndddd she's gone.

    Well heck. She even took the lake.

    I guess Peridot only ended up with the dog in the divorce. Now she has to live in a bathtub.

    That's a mood.

    Pumpkins are only supposed to live 8 to 12 weeks so I really hope Pumpkin is magical or Peridot's going to have an extra tough time.

    My phone looks like that too, Steven.

    "What do we do now?" Well, luckily, there are still 3 more episodes in this bomb so hopefully we'll get some resolution by the end of it!

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