• Los Angeles Comic Con 2017 Recap + Cosplay Compilation

    Hey there! Little Ursa here with the recap from Los Angeles Comic Con! The convention over took Los Angeles and was filled with fans of all sorts! Follow along after the break to see my journey through the con and all of the great cosplays at the con!

    The convention center was almost creepy of how empty it was in the morning before people arrived. However, it didn't take long for it to packed with everyone ready for the con.

    Once it hit 1 PM, the convention opened and everyone flooded in.

    To say the con was packed would be a severe understatement.

    And of course, just because the con was only open for a few hours doesn't mean there wouldn't be any cosplayers!

    Day two of the con was filled with people. And since it was the big day of the con, my friend and I broke out our OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes! cosplays with me as KO and her as Enid! I even made a little Jethro robot for me to carry around!

    In fact, speaking of OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!, the voice actor for KO, Courtenay Taylor was at the con for a panel along with a number of other amazing voice over artists!

    After the panel, she asked us to come up and chat with her for a bit. I even got her to pose with my little Jethro! (Also, if you haven't yet seen OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!, you are seriously missing out.)

    Of course, my friend and I were far from the only cosplayers on Saturday!

    Finally came the last day of the con. And Sunday was the day of the Steven Universe panel with Zach Callison, Deedee Magno Hall, and Michaela Dietz!

    And because of the Steven Universe panel, there were plenty of cosplays of Steven and the crew! (And, of course, plenty of other cosplays.)

    And that will do it for this convention recap and cosplay compilation for Los Angeles Comic Con! Join me next time for the next convention I attend!